5 aug

Press TV – Militants kill 450 Kurdish civilians in northern Syria – infowars.com –Al-Nusra Mercenaries in Syria Slaughter Kurdish Women and Children – alalam.ir – 120 children slaughtered in Syria’s Tal Abyad

Foreign-backed militants fighting against the Syrian government have killed 450 civilians, including 120 children, in a Kurdish-majority area in northern Syria.
According to al-Alam, militants from al-Qaeda-linked al-Nusra Front attacked Tal Abyad district of Raqqa governorate on Monday, killing 330 women and elderly men as well as 120 children.
The massacre comes a week after al-Nusra militants attacked two Kurdish villages in Aleppo and took hostage around 200 civilians.

Från Syrian Girls facebooksida idag:

Almost exactly one year go, infowars reported on a story about ambulance vehicles fitted with anti-gas & anti-chemical filtering, in preparation for a chemical weapons attack. It seems that this might now be happening as many ambulance trucks are being sent in from …

från var då? Det kom inte med, två inlägg om detta för ca ett år sen – NATO Plot To Use Ambulances As Cover For Humanitarian Invasion of SyriaFrench & US Intelligence Chemical Weapons False Flag in Syria Exposed – Carl Bildt har vid något tillfälle för ett bra tag sen sagt att svenska pengar som skickas till Syrien bl.a. går till ambulanser. Kanske av den här typen?
Är något på gång? Annat som skulle kunna tyda på det är att Human Rights Watch idag kommer med uppgifter om att syriska armén skjutit robotar mot bostadsområden, vilket Nato’s Info-blad tagit upp idag. Massakrerna som utförts av de väpnade gängen den senaste tiden har man inte nämnt. Operationer på marken brukar vara samordnade med och uppbackade av media-kampanjer.

Press TV – Syrian Defense Minister Fahd al-Freij visits Khaldiyeh

Syrian Defense Minister Fahd al-Freij has visited army troops in the former militant stronghold of Khaldiyeh in the restive city of Homs.
Praising troops for what he called a ”military miracle,” Freij told soldiers in Khaldiyeh neighborhood on Monday that by defeating and forcing militants out of the key district, the Syrian army proved that it will defeat the terrorism.

Christof Lehmann – Egypt stresses Importance of Political Solution to Syria Crisis

Egypt’s Interim Vice-President for Foreign Affairs, Mohammed El-Baradai has reiterated, that Egypt strongly supports a political solution to the crisis in Syria. El-Baradi’s statement constitutes a significant change in Egypt’s foreign policy with regard to Syria since the ousting of the former President Mohammed Morsi.

The statement of Mohammed El-Barradai marks a significant change in Egypt’s position with regard to Syria since the ousting of the former President Mohammed Morsi. Not long before being ousted in a people-powered military coup, Mohammed Morsi endorsed “jihad in Syria to oust the Assad regime”.
El-Barradai’s statement largely represents a return to what could be described as a normal Egyptian foreign policy which is anchored in Arab and Pan-Arab politics and a move away from Western as well as some Gulf Arab States, Turkish and Israeli – backed attempts to destabilize the Maghreb and the Arab region in what analysts describe as a neo-colonialist adventure.

voltairenet.org – The United-States spent 10 million dollars for the defection of Syrian policemen

The Bureau of Conflicts and of Stabilization Operations (Department of State) has employed 10 million dollars to pay off Syrian policemen in order for them to defect from their jobs and insure security in the ’’freed-zone’’, revealed it’s president Rick Barton, during the Aspen Security Forum, on July 19th 2013.
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