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Press TV – 40 killed in ammunition depot blast in Syria’s city of Homs

At least 40 people have been killed and 120 others wounded in explosions at an ammunition depot in Syria’s western city of Homs, a Syrian opposition group says.
The successive explosions took place on Thursday after foreign-backed militants targeted the district of Wadi al-Dhahab with rockets.
The death toll is likely to rise as many of the injured are reportedly in critical condition.
The blasts sent a massive ball of fire into the sky and caused panic among residents.

Press TV – UN chemical weapons inspectors to investigate 3 Syrian sites

The United Nations says it is sending an investigation team to Syria to probe three sites where chemical weapons have allegedly been used during the Arab country’s 28-month-long conflict.
The UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon’s press office said in a statement on Wednesday that the UN inspectors will visit Syria “as soon as possible.”
”The mission will travel to Syria as soon as possible to contemporaneously investigate three of the reported incidents, including Khan al-Assal,” the statement said.

Ryssland hoppas på en objektiv undersökning. Ja för mig låter det livsfarligt, med tanke på att västmakterna tycks ha uttömt alla möjligheter och hur fullständigt opålitliga, hänsynslösa och skrupelfria de är måste risken vara stor att de försöker med något slags trixande!

english.ruvr.ru – Russia hopes for UN objective inquiry into possible use of chemical weapons in Syria – Deputy FM

”The Syrian government and the UN have now reached an agreement to send inspectors there. I would like to hope that a comprehensive and objective investigation will be conducted into everything related to the use of chemical weapons,” Gatilov told reporters on Thursday.

Press TV – Syrian army turns focus to regaining full control of Homs

The Syrian army has turned its focus to regaining control over those last areas of the western city of Homs that are still under the control of the foreign-backed Takfiri militants, Press TV reports.
The Syrian forces regained control of the strategic Khaldiyeh District of Homs on Wednesday. The army managed to recapture the district after one month of battle with the militants.

Finian Cunningham – Western-backed genocide continues in Syria

The massacre in the northern Syrian town of Khan al-Assal last weekend in which up to 150 mainly civilians were slaughtered in cold blood by Western-backed Takfiri militants was the second such atrocity to have traumatized the inhabitants.
Five months ago, up to 30 people were killed when the town in Aleppo province was hit in a chemical weapons attack. Some 100 others were also seriously injured by that toxic exposure on 19 March, which involved the deadly nerve agent, Sarin.

Given this potentially damning picture that was forming around Khan al-Assal, it is not implausible that Western-backed death squads were dispatched on the town last weekend in a desperate attempt to exterminate any remaining witnesses to the first massacre with chemical weapons. For the Western sponsors of genocide in Syria, the stakes could not have been higher on that particular truth coming out. That is why the truth had to be massacred

almanar.com.lb – French Security Report: Assad Will Remain in Power for Long Years

The French report asserted that the fragmentation of the Syrian Opposition factions and militant groups strengthened the Syrian president and drove the western countries to halt arming the opposition militants.
The report further stressed the sterility of the Western plan to arm the opposition militants without granting the extremists any access to the sent ammunition as al-Nusra Front fighters sequestrated a large quantity of the Arab and Western ammunitions, sent to the Free Syrian Army after clashes between the two parties.
In a related context, the Syrian Coalition delegation that met the French president Fracois Hollande announced that France had abandoned all its pledges and promises to arm the militant groups.
An opposing Syrian figure emphasized the complete failure of the Syrian Coalition to execute its main missions.
”The Coalition failed to carry out its main tasks which are obtaining weapons and eliminating al-Qaeda,” he said.

Joining Jihad: Self-radicalized EU youths flood Syria’s frontlines, RT talked to Dimitri Bontinck, whose son went to Syria to join jihadist forces.

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