25 jul

sana.sy – 10 citizens martyred, scores injured in car bomb explosion in Jaramana

10 citizens were martyred and scores injured in a car bomb explosion on Thursday that ripped through al-Siyouf Square in Jaramana city in Damascus countryside.
An official source at Damascus Countryside Police Command said that terrorists blew up a car rigged with big amounts of explosives in the densely-populated area. Ten were martyred, among them a woman, and 66 injured, including children.

sana.sy – Syria Calls on Security Council to Condemn Jaramana terrorist explosion

Foreign and Expatriates Ministry on Thursday sent two identical letters to the UN Secretary General and President of the Security Council on the terrorist explosion which took place in Jaramana, Damascus countryside on July 25th, 2013.

Från Syrian Girl på facebook

Here’s something unexpected: Head of the Egyptian armed forces said ”if the US tries to intervene in Egypt, Israel will be wiped of the map” . Meanwhile , the US its put on hold its delivery of F-16’s to Egypt. http://www.egy-press.com/storydetails.aspx?storyid=30834#.UfEpNGT09e5

nyhetsbanken.se – Nya konstellationer i Syrien

Situationen i Syrien håller på att ändras, rapporterar välinformerade Al-Monitor, med säte i Washington.
Den växande kontingenten utländska jihadister, främst i Al Qaida-anknutna Nusra-fronten, oroar den syriska oppositionen till den grad att delar av FSA överväger att ompröva sitt krig mot den syriska regimen.

Phil Greaves – “Progressive” Mainstream Media Supports the Destabilization and Balkanization of Syria

Since the onset of the Syrian crisis, Martin Chulov of the Guardian has continuously been one of the most prominent “journalists” whose coverage, to put kindly, has been skewed beyond any recognition of objective journalism. His narratives have systematically relied on sectarian overtones and cherry picked “activist” quotes from such bastions of objectivity as the UK-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights. Chulov has gone to great to lengths to portray the conflict in simplistic and sectarian terms: “Assad the Alawite, versus the Sunni majority.”

Christof Lehmann – Mass Kidnapping and Massacre of Syrian Kurds sparks International Condemnation of State-Sponsored Terrorism and Double Standards

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