24 jul

Al-Qaeda-linked extremists are holding around 200 Kurdish civilians hostage. Meanwhile some western states, including the UK, have so far backtracked on their arms supply to the opposition – voicing concerns about the threat of extremists in Syria. The Free Syrian Army has admitted it will accept help from anyone, including Al-Qaeda. All this while Syrian opposition figures are lobbying Paris for advanced weapons, and then will go to the US. RT’s Paula Slier and Paul Scott have the details. RT is also joined by rebel army spokesperson Zaky Mallah

Press TV – Britain organizing informal meeting of UN Security Council to discuss Syria

The UK government has launched an initiative for the UN Security Council to informally discuss future of Syria with the heads of the country’s so-called opposition group.
Britain’s ambassador to the UN Mark Lyall Grant is organizing the informal meeting of the UN Security Council on Friday so members can exchange views with Syria’s Western-backed main opposition group.
Mark Lyall Grant said Tuesday that the delegation from the Syrian National Coalition will be led by Ahmed Al Jarba, president of the Western-backed umbrella group.

english.ruvr.ru – Russia willing to make public its info on use of chemical weapons in Syria – Lavrov

”As we have told the [UN] secretary general, we are ready to make our information public. We expect those who have information on other instances of the use of chemical weapons to act in the same way,” Lavrov said at a press conference summing up outcomes of his negotiations with Moldovan Foreign Minister Natalia Gherman on Wednesday.

english.ruvr.ru – UN chemical weapons inspectors arrive in Damascus

Two UN inspectors arrived in Damascus on Wednesday with examining claims that chemical weapons have been deployed in Syria’s civil war.
Swedish scientist Ake Sellstrom and Angela Kane, the UN high representative for disarmament, arrived at a hotel in the Syrian capital.
They were scheduled to hold talks with regime officials regarding access to areas of the country in order to pursue their investigations.

english.ruvr.ru – Pakistan urges UN to clamp down on weapon shipments to Syria

Masood Khan, current Permanent Representative of Pakistan to the United Nations, called for cessation of weapon shipments to war-torn Syria.
”Syria is ablaze with conflict, blood is being spilt. We can’t end this war with weapons,” the diplomat said during a session of the UN Security Council.
He added that the ”UN Security Council and the world community have to take measures to prevent both sides of the Syrian conflict from receiving arms.

english.ruvr.ru – Syria, uncontrollable enclave of jihad

Russia’s Foreign Ministry has characterized the actions, taken by the fighters of the Syrian opposition against the peaceful Kurdish population in the north-east of the country as “bloody provocations”. Fierce fighting between the extremists and the Kurdish militias has been going on for a third day there now. The Al Qaeda –linked extremist groups, which have taken hostage more than 200 Kurds, including women, children and old people, are using them as a living shield. A wave of robberies and arson attacks has spread to the Kurdish cities.
Moscow is sure that a “terrorist international” is behind the events in the Kurdish inhabited areas of Syria. Till recently the Kurds observed factual neutrality in the continued conflict. Russian diplomats say that all these bloody provocations are aimed at the further aggravation of the inter-tribal relationships, at the collapse of the country and at turning Syria into a bridgehead of international terrorism.

Musa al-Gharbi – Syria; game theory vs. reality

Despite the overwhelming skepticism on the part of the international community, the Obama Administration recently changed its evaluation of the ‘evidence’ of chemical weapons use in Syria.
By its own admission, this was to serve as a pretext for their previously-rendered and domestically unpopular decision to deepen US involvement in the conflict in an attempt to offset the Syrian army’s momentum in recent months.
Simultaneously, the Administration deployed a number of US assets to Jordan and delayed the scheduled Geneva II summit on Syria in the hopes that the rebels could gain ground in the interim.

Press TV – UN officials to visit Syria over allegations of using chemical weapons

Two senior United Nations (UN) officials are planned to travel to Damascus to discuss allegations of using chemical weapons in the Arab country.
On Tuesday, Swedish scientist ”Ake Sellstrom and Angela Kane, the UN high representative for disarmament, arrived in Beirut from Paris,” said an airport official on condition of anonymity.
”They will travel to Damascus on Wednesday,” said a UN source in the Lebanese capital.

nyhetsbanken.se – Pentagons planer för Syrieninvasion

Pentagon har för första gången offentliggjort detaljer i några scenarier för militär invasion i Syrien som USA:s militär arbetar med. De framgår av ett brev som general Martin Dempsey skickade till senaten den 22 juli. Den amerikanska generalstabens chef säger att alla varianter redan presenterats för landets president.
Bland de möjliga scenarierna är följande: vapenleveranser till rebellerna, flygattacker mot regeringstrupperna, införande av flygförbud över Syrien och skapande av en buffertzon på gränsen mellan Syrien och Turkiet och Jordanien. Slutligen kan USA sätta in specialstyrkor ”för att få kontroll över kemiska vapen”.
Det tresidiga brevet är ett svar på republikanen John McCains hot. Som den största anhängaren av militär intervention till Syrien har han hotat att blockera generalens utnämning till USA:s högsta militära post i fall sådana planer inte skulle presenteras inom en snar framtid.

Amerikanska generaler ger sällan politiska värderingar av Pentagons planer. Men den här gången följde Dempsey inte denna regel och tillade hårda politiska kommentarer till brevet. Ibland kan oväntade konsekvenser följa efter användning av militärt våld och stämningen kan bli ännu värre, sade Dempsey:

Clashes intensify in Damascus as battle for Yarmouk Camp control rages

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