16 jul

Sveriges Radio har varit knäpptysta om Syrien ett tag, till för några dagar sen då de hade ett inslag om att Israel låg bakom en attack mot militära mål i Latakia. Undrar vad västmedierna vill uppnå med att gå ut med det. Och igår och idag är man igång med den traditionella anti-Syrien-propagandan igen. Alla kemiska vapen som syriska armén hittat i rebell-fästen råkade de glömma att nämna. Som vanligt skyddar de sina inlägg från kommentarer som skulle kunna störa propagandan. Här ger Syriens FN-ambassadör sin bild av läget -sana.sy – Al-Jaafari: Syrian government does its best to provide citizens’ needs

He pointed out that the Syrian Army is facing unprecedented terrorism around the clock, confronting terrorists and extremist groups brought over from all over the world to destroy Syria and murder Syrians.
”We may be witnessing a historic stage that requires everyone to take brave stances; to admit they were wrong and to confront this border-crossing terrorism which is currently affecting Syria and disregards all international accords on counter-terrorism,” al-Jaafari said, adding that this terrorism will eventually reach the very countries that sponsor it, and in some cases, it already reached them.

sana.sy – Industry Minister: Government spares no effort to find a fundamental solution to Aleppo crisis

In an interview with the Syrian TV on Monday, al-Sukhni said ”the committee set temporary and strategic solutions to ensure the food and oil requirements of the citizens despite all the difficulties.”
”The committee started to run convoys which include all the citizens’ daily requirements and exerts all efforts to find a fundamental solution to the crisis in Aleppo as soon as possible,” the Minister added.
He pointed out that the government spare no efforts to ease the suffering of Aleppo citizens due to the armed terrorist groups’ crimes regarding destroying the infrastructure, burning the public and private institutions, looting the factories and hindering the livelihood requirements.

english.ruvr.ru – FSA chief accuses UK of betraying Syrian opposition

General Salim Idris, the head of the Free Syrian Army, gave an interview to The Daily Telegraph.
“The West promises and promises. This is a joke now,” Idris said. “I have not had the opportunity to ask David Cameron personally if he will leave us alone to be killed. On behalf of all the Syrians, thank you very much.”
Cameron on Monday abandoned plans to arm the rebels on advice from the British military, according to The Telegraph, despite previously lobbying two months ago for an end to the European Union arms embargo.

english.ruvr.ru – UN did not support Russia’s initiative to investigate illegal arms deliveries to Syria

Russia’s initiative to request Libya, Qatar and Turkey to provide more information about the cases of illegal arms deliveries to Syria mentioned in the press was not supported by the UN Security Council Sanctions Committee.
An informed source at the UN headquarters says that one member of the Sanctions Committee had doubts about the wisdom of such requests based on media reports alone.

syriareport.net – More evidence of Jabhat al-Nusra militants using foreign weapon

nyhetsbanken.se – Rebellerna i Homs ger upp

En officiell källa i Homsprovinsen sa att 78 beväpnade rebeller från städerna Hasya och Janda överlämnat sig själva och sina vapen till myndigheterna i söndags.
I ett uttalande till SANA tillade källan att de 78 personerna släpptes efter att ha lovat att aldrig ta till vapen eller begå något sabotage igen.
Den 8 juli, kapitulerade 350 personer från byarna Tal Shor, Rabia, Ghasbia, Jdeidet al-Assi och al-Tenbeh i Homsprovinsen och överlämnade sina vapen till de berörda myndigheterna i Homs och släpptes efteråt.
Rebellerna har centralt annonserat en ”taktiskt reträtt” från Homsprovinsen men håller ännu minst 2 miljoner invånare gisslan bl a i och kring Aleppo.

Thierry Meyssan – The World Without Qatar

Since the team change in Qatar, money stopped flowing freely to the Brothers, whether in Syria, Palestine, Egypt, Libya or elsewhere

Ultimately, the withdrawal of Qatar implies a rebalancing of forces in the Anglo-American world. Subsequently, the control commissions of the secret services of the United States Congress and of the British House of Commons opposed the sending of arms to the ”rebels” in Syria.
The fall of the Muslim Brotherhood is not only a failure of the Brotherhood, but also a failure of those in London and Washington who thought they could reshape North Africa and the Middle East, and, failing that, prefer to allow chaos to reign rather than lose control.
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