13 jul

Nile Bowie – Obama wags the dog over Syria chemical weapons

A team of Russian experts recently submitted reports to the UN detailing how chemical weapons used in Syria were not consistent with what the armed forces use, suggesting that rebels groups were responsible for the attack.
The Obama administration unwaveringly holds Bashar Assad’s forces responsible for using sarin nerve gas against civilians, and is now using these allegations to justify a military escalation of the conflict.
When a crude chemical weapon containing sarin nerve gas killed 30 people after it was set off near Aleppo on March 19, the Syrian government immediately called for an investigation into the incident, prompting accusations and speculation from all sides.

Following the recent Russian studies of chemical weapons use by the rebels, Damascus has invited chief UN chemical weapons investigator Ake Sellstrom and UN disarmament chief Angela Kane for talks following announcements that a rebel-linked storage site containing copious amounts of dangerous chemicals had been discovered.
It’s clear that Western-Gulf efforts to topple the government of Syria have been nearly exhausted, and as these parties get more desperate to bring about the outcome they would like to see, a final push into Syria can still be in the cards.
The only certainty at this point is that if peace talks ever come to fruition, the catering company is going to have a difficult time putting together a menu to appease the exotic taste buds of those in the Farouq Brigade and their friends in the Al-Nusra Front.

Press TV – Army retakes Damascus neighborhood

Syrian army forces have taken control of the al-Qaboun neighborhood of the capital Damascus and cleared the area of foreign-backed militants.

Press TV – Israel behind explosions in Syria’s Latakia: Israeli media

Israeli media say the Tel Aviv regime was behind the recent explosions in the Syrian port city of Latakia.
US officials have reportedly confirmed that Israeli fighter jets on July 5 bombarded a Syrian arsenal containing advanced Russian-made Yakhont anti-ship missiles, Israeli newspaper Haaretz reported, citing the CNN.

sana.sy – Army confronts terrorists, ambushes others infiltrating from Jordan

A unit of the armed forces ambushed an armed terrorist group south of al-Dmair city in Damascus Countryside infiltrated from the Jordanian border.
A military source told SANA that the army killed 3 terrorists and seized the terrorists’ weapons and tools.
The source added that the weapons seized included B10 mortar, RPG launchers, 10 automatic rifles, a sniper rifle and big amounts of various ammunition, masks and sophisticated telecommunication devices, in addition to seizing their car.

Phil Greaves – Divisions within the Syrian “Opposition”? The FSA and the Supreme Military Council Support Al Qaeda Terrorists

Contrary to the Saud monarchies renewed efforts to wrest control of the insurgency; recent developments on the ground, along with Russia’s steadfast support and mass public opinion against supporting the extremist dominated rebels; the Syrian Army have kept the insurgency at bay whilst they choose their strategic victories. Homs is about to become the latest “rebel stronghold” to fall, as rebels announced this morning another “tactical retreat”.
One imagines the rebel siege being laid upon 2 million civilians – a war-crime that Western “diplomats” seem reluctant to “intervene” on, or indeed make any mention of – in government controlled Western Aleppo will be the Syrian military’s next priority. The Saudis through their new puppet al-Jarba have promised a huge influx of “game-changing” weapons, but without a massive influx of military hardware, and indeed, trained fighters to use them, it appears the trajectory of the conflict will remain in the Syrian military’s favour. What the various actors supporting the insurgency are willing to do to change that trajectory in the short-term, if anything substantial, remains to be seen. There are at least three interested and powerful parties whose objectives can be served by allowing the Syrian conflict to drag on for years to come; yet none of them necessarily want to see Assad fall.

1,500 Foreign Mercenaries and Militants Entered Syria This Week

1,500 foreign militants entered Syria this week via the country’s border with Turkey that facilitated their entry, according to statements attributed to the Free Syrian Army militias.
The statements lend more evidence to reports suggesting the involvement of Arab and foreign countries in sending terrorists to Syria.

17 thousand non-Syrian fighters are believed to be operating in Syria according to some estimates, the sources say, adding that the bulk of Arab fighters there are of Saudi nationalities, whereas the Chechens make up the majority of non-Arab fighters.
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