12 jul

Press TV – Mortar attack kills six, injure 40 in Damascus

At least Six people have been killed and over 40 others wounded in Syria after foreign-backed militants fired mortar shells at civilian houses in the capital, Damascus.
The incident occurred on Friday when several mortar rounds fired by militants landed on a residential area in the capital’s al-Amaara neighborhood, SANA reported.

Christof Lehmann – UN Inspectors accept Syrian Invitation after Russian Pressure and Seizure of Massive Chemical Depot from Opposition

The United Nations has accepted a Syrian invitation of a UN Investigation Team on the Use of Chemical Weapons in Syria. The Invitation was accepted after Syrian Armed Fores seized more than 200 barrels with chemicals, which according to Syria´s UN Ambassador Jaáfari were sufficient to destroy an entire city, if not the entire country, and after pressure from Russia.
Russian investigators have investigated the chemical weapons incident in Khan al-Assal in March and delivered a report to the United Nations. The report concludes that insurgents, not the Syrian military has used chemical weapons. Opposite to the purported evidence that led the Obama administration to approve the delivery of weapons to the opposition, the Russian investigators can document a verifiable and unbroken chain of evidence.
Analysts expect that the political and armed “opposition” and the international alliance supporting them, are planning a major political and military campaign in August and September. The recent development may imply a last chance to initiate efforts toward a political resolution of the Syria war.

Press TV – Hundreds of militants from US and Europe fighting in Syria: Russia deputy FM

Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Mikhail Bogdanov says hundreds of militants fighting against the government of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad come from the United States and European countries including Russia.
“Syrian and Russian special services are exchanging information in connection with reports that about 600 foreign militants, including from Russia, the USA and Europe, are fighting in the territory of Syria,” Bogdanov said on Thursday.

reuters.com – New front opens in Syria as rebels say al Qaeda attack means war – Russia Today – Al-Qaeda militants kill Syrian rebel commander – FSA spokesman – Press TV – Syria militants kill FSA commander amid growing infighting: Report

A group of Takfiri militants in Syria have reportedly killed a senior commander of the so-called Free Syrian Army (FSA) amid growing infighting among the foreign-sponsored armed groups in the country.
Qassem Saadeddine, an FSA spokesman, said on Thursday that the militants killed Kamal Hamami, known by his nom de guerre Abu Bassel al-Ladkani, following a meeting with him to discuss battle plans in the Syrian port city of Latakia.
According to Saadeddine, the militants have also threatened to kill all senior commanders of the foreign-backed armed group.

thecable.foreignpolicy.com – Jimmy Carter’s Making a Syria Peace Push, And the Opposition Isn’t Happy About It

With almost 100,000 dead in Syria and proposed peace talks at a standstill, former President Jimmy Carter plans to send officials from his foundation to work toward a last-ditch agreement between President Bashar al-Assad’s regime and opposition forces, The Cable has learned.

english.ruvr.ru – British government should consult with parliament before arming Syrian rebels

MPs have urged the UK government to consult Parliament before any decision to arm rebel forces in Syria.

Recent political developments in Syria – Haitham Sibahie’s del som text – Syria opposition rootless, disunited entity: Analyst

Russia gains leverage over US in Syria, an interview with Nabil Mikhail, professor at George Washington University from Washington, about the issue of Russia’s evidential findings that prove the use of chemical weapons inside Syria by Western-backed insurgents.
Intervjun som text – Russia gaining leverage over US in Syria: Nabil Mikhail

Press TV – US senator calls for military strikes on Syria

A prominent U.S. senator has called on the administration of President Barack Obama to attack Syrian “airfields, airplanes and massed artillery.”

Militants aim at handing Syria over to Israel: Mimi Al-Laham, an interview with Mimi Al-Laham, a Syrian activist and political commentator from Australia, about the Syrian crisis and an American senators’ speech calling for military intervention in Syria.

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