3 jul

almanar.com.lb – Syrian Army Destroys Nusra Front Den in Latakkia, Continues Pursuing Militants

The Syrian army destroyed a hideout for Nusra Front insurgents in Lattakia countryside as it pursued foreign-backed militants in other areas across the country.

almanar.com.lb – Lavrov: Russia Has No Geopolitical Goals in Syria

”We do not interfere in the Syrian conflict and do not divide the Syrians among proponents and opponents, but we strictly condemn all forms of terrorism, extremism and violence against civilians, especially crimes committed out of hatred, sectarian or ethnic lines,” he added.
”We do not support the position of those who oppose negotiations, provide pre-conditions and push things towards confrontation without hesitating to shed the Syrian blood in order to overthrow the regime by force,” Lavrov went on to say.
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