24 jun

Press TV – Syrian army units engage insurgents around Hama, Aleppo

english.ruvr.ru – Spain remands Al-Qaeda suspects over Syria attacks

A Spanish court on Monday remanded in custody eight suspected Al-Qaeda members accused of sending suicide attackers to the civil war in Syria, officials said.
The National Court in Madrid said the suspects were part of an international network ”dedicated to radicalising, recruiting and sending mujahedeen to Syria to wage jihad and become martyrs”.

Press TV – Russia warns US, EU against arming Syria rebels

Russia warns the United States, the European Union and their regional allies against supplying more weapons to insurgents fighting against Syrian government.
In a statement on Monday, the Russian Foreign Ministry expressed serious concern over the consequences of sending further arms to militant groups fighting against the government of Bashar al-Assad in Syria.

Press TV – Syria ready to attend Geneva conference without pre-condition: Syria FM

Syrian Foreign Minister Walid al-Muallem says Damascus is ready to participate in a peace conference in Geneva without any pre-conditions to help bring the bloodshed in the country to an end.
Speaking at a press conference in Damascus on Monday, Muallem said his country is ready to discuss the formation of a national unity government during the conference.
”We will head to Geneva not to hand over power to the other side…. We will go to Geneva in order to set up a real partnership and a broad national unity government,” he added.

Thierry Meyssan – G8 debates

On Syria, the Franco-British position is therefore to isolate Russia to force her to give in. Masterful in this role, summit host David Cameron denounced the ”dictator-who-killed-the-people-with-chemical-weapons.” He called for a Geneva 2 conference which would record the surrender of President al-Assad transferring power to the friends of the West. He confirms the imminent delivery of arms to the ”revolutionaries”, offers an honorable exit to ”Bashar” maintaining the Baathist government and distributing gas leases. For the flag, it is already known, it will be that of the French colonization.
This chatter breaks on Vladimir Putin. Questioned by the press upon his arrival, the Russian president declared before a stunned Cameron: ”I’m sure you agree that we should surely not help people who kill not only their enemies, but dismember their bodies and eat their intestines in public and in front of cameras.

To humanitarian babbling, Putin responds with his view of the facts and international law. No, there is no revolution in Syria, but foreign aggression. No, Syria will not use weapons of mass destruction against its own people. Yes, Russia delivers anti-aircraft weapons to Syria to protect it from foreign attack. Yes, the delivery of weapons to the contras by the West is a violation of international law punishable in international courts.
Finally, at no time, were the French and the British able to back the Russian into a corner. Each time, Vladimir Putin was supported by another participant – often Germany’s Angela Merkel – expressing doubts.
Faced with Russia’s firm stand, David Cameron tried to convince his Western partners that the fortunes of war could still change: MI6 and DGSE are ready to provoke a military coup in Damascus. An officer recruited in the palace, could kill the president, while a general, recruited at the top of the secret service, would liquidate loyalists and take power. The new authorities would form a military dictatorship that would give way gradually to a parliamentary democracy.

arbejderen.dk – USA’s nederlag i Syrien nærmer sig

Da USA og dets mange allierede for mere end to år siden begyndte krigen mod Syrien, gabte de over et større bytte, end de kunne sluge.
I de seneste par måneder har de syriske forsvarsstyrker – den regulære hær og De Nationale Forsvarsstyrker (en form for hjemmeværn) – befundet sig i tilsyneladende uimodståelig offensiv. Ifølge en nylig artikel i Der Spiegel, mener det tyske efterretningsvæsen, at de syriske styrker kan angribe de såkaldte oprørere, når det passer dem.

Syrian archbishops ‘most likely dead’

Speakers at a conference in Oxford last week gave strong indications that the two Orthodox archbishops kidnapped near the Syrian city of Aleppo on 22 April had been killed.

Syrian Army battles insurgents in heart of capital, A car bomb rocked the central Mezzeh district of the Syrian capital Damascus killing and injuring a number of civilians. A three-year-old child was also among the people killed there.

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