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Christof Lehmann – Qatari Military Officers Supplied Chemical Weapons to Syria Insurgents. Turkey was Informed

Chemicals, which were used in a chemical weapons attack against Syrian civilians in the Khan al-Asal district of Aleppo in March 2013, have been delivered to the insurgents by two Qatari military officers. The Qatari officers transported the chemicals through Turkey. Turkish authorities had foreknowledge and approved of the operation. The chemical weapons attack in Khan al-Asal killed at least 25 and injured more than 100 Syrian civilians.
The information was published by the Lebanese newspaper al-Akhbar, which states that the intelligence is part of security information from “a certain regional state”

Passar på att påminna om artikeln där vitten till händelsen i Khan al-Asal i mars, som det talas om i artikeln ovan, får komma till tals – Syria chemical weapons: finger pointed at jihadists

Michel Chossudovsky – Israeli Intelligence News: Syria Rebels Possess Chemical Weapons, US-NATO Delivering Heavy Weapons to the Terrorists

The following report by the Israeli Intelligence news outlet Debka (quoting Turkish police sources acknowledges that Al Nusrah rather than Syrian government forces have chemical weapons in their possession:

från globalresearch.ca – The Imperial Agenda in Syria. GRTV Feature Interview with Michel Chossudovsky

Michel Chossudovsky – Fighting Al Qaeda by Supporting Al Qaeda in Syria: The Obama Administration is a “State Sponsor of Terrorism”

english.ruvr.ru – Kerry calls for support to end Syria ‘imbalance’

US Secretary of State John Kerry said on Saturday that supporters of the Syrian opposition will step up military and other aid in a bid to end an ”imbalance” on the ground in President Bashar al-Assad’s favour.
Kerry, speaking at a ”Friends of Syria” conference of foreign ministers in Qatar, said Washington remained committed to a peace plan that includes a conference in Geneva and a transitional government picked both by Assad and the opposition.

english.ruvr.ru – Syria talks agree military aid to rebels: statement

Foreign minister of countries supporting the Syrian opposition on Saturday agreed to provide it ”urgently” with materiel to support rebels in their fight against regime forces, a final statement said.
The ministers agreed to ”provide urgently all the necessary materiel and equipment to the opposition on the ground, each country in its own way in order to enable them to counter brutal attacks by the regime and its allies and protect the Syrian people,” it said.

Margaret Kimberley – Obama’s Syrian Press Pass: The Media are Loyal to the System, not to their Profession

The corporate media are the megaphones of humanitarian death, as dispensed by the U.S. and its allies. If Obama says “Assad must go,” the high-paid press do all in their power to make the public crave his blood. “The media are loyal to the system, not to their profession, their readers, or their listeners.”
The existence of a compliant media plays a major role in allowing American presidents to create so much violence and chaos around the globe. Far from being a check on officialdom, the press are part and parcel of the machine which crushes so many lives in this country and abroad.
Long gone are the days of the Pentagon Papers, when media outlets competed with one another to break stories which officialdom wanted to keep hidden. Now the press lords work hand in hand with politicians to make certain that they have carte blanche whenever they want it.

It is best to assume that presidents and members of congress are lying when they make justifications for waging war. The media must also be added to the liars’ list. They have little interest in giving us easily provable facts when there is favor in need of currying. History will judge not only our political leaders harshly, but every institution which aided and abetted them. The corporate media ought to be placed at the top of that ignominious list.

”Arming Syria militants West’s huge mistake”, an interview with Entifadh Qanbar, Middle East expert

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Christof Lehmann – Spain Breaks Up Al-Qaeda Cell Recruiting for Syria. EU Split over Illegal Syria War

In an early morning raid on Friday, Spanish security forces have broken up an al-Qaeda linked terrorist network, based in northern Africa. The terrorist cell was under suspicion of sending fighters, including minors to Syria.

Press TV – UN rejects US claim on Syria chemical weapons

UN experts say they do not confirm the claims by the United States, France and Britain that the Syrian government has used chemical weapons against the militants.

“If you are the opposition and you hear” that the White House has drawn a red line on the use of nerve agents, then “you have an interest in giving the impression that some chemical weapons have been used,” said Rolf Ekeus, a Swedish scientist who headed UN weapons inspections in Iraq during the 1990s, the article read.

english.ruvr.ru – US leaves about 700 combat-ready troops in Jordan after training exercise

english.ruvr.ru – CIA and US special forces secretly training Syrian rebels – report – AB – USA utbildar syriska rebeller

english.ruvr.ru – What’s beyond the “Red Line” – a view from Moscow

The White House has once again drawn a “Red Line” saying that it possesses information about the use of chemical weapons by Syrian government forces, and this demands American interference in the civil war in Syria. It’s significant that American policy planners lack fantasy. Without inventing anything new, they are repeating step-by-step the awful spectacle that was played by Washington ten years ago when a similar “Red Line” was discovered in Iraq by American pathfinders.

voltairenet.org – G8: Cameron contemplates a military dictatorship in Syria

According to the Times of London, British Prime Minister David Cameron suggested to his NATO partners the idea of assassinating President Bashar al-Assad and organizing a military coup in Damascus.
In such a scenario, the new Syrian leader would break with the anti-Israeli resistance, while most of the Baathist apparatus would remain in power.
This is not the first time that ”the camp of democracy” plans to set up a military dictatorship in Syria.

voltairenet.org – ”Friends of Syria” meeting in Doha: 110 no-shows out of 121 members

The ”Friends of Syria” are scheduled to meet on 22 June 2013 in Doha (Qatar). Discussions will focus on arms shipments to the ”Free Syrian Army,” in the presence of its ”chief of staff” General Salim Idriss.
The 11 participants, to whom General Salim Idriss already submitted his list of grievances on 14 June, regard him as an eminent interlocutor. However, despite his title, there is no such thing as an ”FSA joint chiefs of staff,” but merely a coordination by NATO of groups fighting under this label.
For all of that, out of 121 Member States, only 11 will take part in the meeting (Germany, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, United Arab Emirates, United States, France, Italy, Jordan, Qatar, United Kingdom and Turkey). The other 110 members will keep a safe distance.

telegraph.co.uk – Syria: ‘I saw rebels execute my boy for no more than a joke’

This mini-report from ANNA gives an update on the progress that the Syrian Army is making by defeating the terrorists of the ”Free Syrian Army” (FSA) and al-Qaeda’s Jabhat al-Nusra (Nusra Front) in various parts of the country, from al-Quneitra to Damascus and Homs.

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