20 jun

Christof Lehmann – Russian Top-Diplomats elicit Difference between Russian and Western Engagement in Syria

Several Russian Top-Diplomats have reiterated, that there is a difference between the Russian and Western engagement in Syria. The differences are, among other, that one side adheres to international law while the other is violating it. Russia stands firm in its rejection of any foreign powers attempts to impose a solution on Syria, reiterates the need for an international conference, and points out, that the “opposition” fails to work toward an international conference.

Syria News 20.6.2013
* Moscow: al-Nusra will get western weapons if imported to Syria
* A large container vessel, carrying weapons to the armed gangs in Syria, crashes, off the Yemeni shores
* Army kills terrorists, seizes weapons in several provinces
* Protestors demand Erdogan to quit, demonstrations continue

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