12 jun

Press TV – Syrian army makes fresh advances in strategic city of Aleppo

The Army campaign against foreign backed militants in the strategic city of Aleppo is considered one of the largest operations carried out by the Syrian government. The operation is conducted in the southern and northern countryside of the city with two different objectives.
While the operation in southern parts of the city aims at securing the Syrian Army’s supply routes to Aleppo and northern Syria, the campaign in northern parts zeros in on cutting off insurgents’ supply lines.
The Army regained full control of Kafar Hamra, a suburb of Aleppo. Government forces liberated the area after heavy fighting with the foreign-backed militants.

Press TV – Militants massacre 60 Shia Muslims in eastern Syria

As many as 60 Shia Muslim residents of a Syrian village in east of the country have been massacred by foreign-sponsored militants.
On Tuesday, the militants attacked the village of Hatlah in eastern Deir Ezzor province and took control of it and killed 60 Shia residents, AFP reported.
Nearly a dozen militants were also killed as a group of local residents took up arms to defend their village.
The insurgent attack and the subsequent violence forced the residents of the village to flee their homes.

Franklin Lamb – West to Pay a High Price for Targeting the Syrian Government

Brigadier-General Mahmoud Matar, who was involved in person during the Cold War in a Lebanese-Western security operation that led to foiling a Russian KGB operation to steal a Mirage Airplane from Lebanon to Russia, told “Afrique Asie”:
“It is unfortunate that the extensive presence of Western security agents in Syria is serving the aim to fight the opponents of terrorism, which is wrong. However, I expect that the West would conduct a comprehensive review of its policy in Syria, and that security cooperation between the West and President Bashar Al-Assad’s regime be restored, since the situation is now even worse for the West than it is for Syria.”
This is one subjects that is reportedly being analyzed by the by US Intelligence Community. It is to be hoped that Washington and Brussels listen and act appropriately. If so they will avoid a steep price for their currently flawed policy.

Franklin Lamb – US and Israel Lobby Reels from Hezbollah al-Qusayr Victory

Finian Cunningham – Western emperors have no clothes

The military victory for Syria’s government forces in the strategic central town of Qusayr last week was a watershed event for several reasons. But of the crucial turning points heralded by this event, one is inimitably clear – the Western powers, the would-be emperors of Syria, stand naked in their failed criminal conspiracy to destroy that country.
These would-be emperors – Washington and the region’s former – has been colonial powers, Britain and France – have been shown demonstratively to have not a shred of credibility. The emperors have no clothes and they are running for cover.

When Syrian army forces retook the bombed-out, sabotaged town of Qusayr, the façade of Western pretense and propaganda was demolished forever.
Now, as with the dregs of the retreating insurgents, Western governments are running scared from the damning exposure. This week the White House is to hold a series of emergency meetings on Syria. US Secretary of State John Kerry has had to cancel a tour of the Middle East in order to attend those meetings. On the cards for discussion is the US moving towards sending weapons and other lethal aid openly to its Foreign Supplied Army in Syria – a desperate move that probably won’t happen because the Western criminal agenda has already been defeated. The Obama administration – assailed by other scandals and imploding legitimacy among the American people and the wider world – is in no position to step up criminality in the Middle East.
The Associated Press reports, “[Syrian] opposition leaders [that is, Western stooges] have warned Washington that their rebellion could face devastating, irreversible losses without greater support.”
That one sentence says it all. The emperors have no clothes.

english.al-akhbar.com – Right-wing European delegation in Syria ”fact-finding” mission

A delegation of ultra right-wing European politicians began a previously unannounced ”fact-finding” mission in Syria on Tuesday to assess the presence of foreign fighters in the war ravaged country, a spokesperson for a British MEP said.
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