9 jun

Christof Lehmann – Western – Russian Stand-Off over Syria Intensifies as ”Rebels” suffer Decisive Defeat

While the western-backed insurgents are suffering a decisive defeat, the stand-off between the West and Russia intensifies. The U.K. and France renew claims that the Syrian government has used chemical weapons, claims which contradict both a UN report and all available circumstantial evidence. Russia reiterates that any direct military intervention will be futile, calls continued support to the insurgents a ”dead-end”, and offers to replace the Austrian Battalion in the Israeli occupied Syrian Golan with Russian Troops.
Brokering a peaceful resolution at the second international conference on Syria in Geneva, or even holding the conference, as planned, in June, becoming increasingly improbable, the military build-up and bellicose rhetoric continue to escalate the Middle East toward a Sarajevo-like situation, where one spark can ignite an unstoppable chain reaction.

Webster Tarpley – Britain, France prodding Obama into attacking Syria

On the eve of this year’s Bilderberg meeting, the Anglo-French intelligence bosses have clearly shown their hand with two high-profile attacks on Obama. Wednesday, June 5 marked the liberation of Qusayr, the great Stalingrad of the Syrian terrorist death squads deployed by NATO against Assad. With the rout of these terrorists, the main units of the self-styled Free Syrian Army, along with the Nusra branch of al Qaeda, are likely to face annihilation in the short to medium term.
On the same day that Qusayr fell, the British and French governments hysterically demanded that Obama undertake a total bombing campaign against Syria, whatever the consequences in regard to Russia and other powers. To his credit, Obama is continuing to say no to this lunatic Anglo-French neocolonial adventure.

Lebanese Army Warns: “There is a Plot to Drag Lebanon into Syria War”

Press TV – We won’t attend Geneva talks unless new arms are sent: Free Syrian Army

Press TV – Hague confirms Commons vote on arming militants in Syria

British Foreign Secretary William Hague has vowed that the parliament would be consulted before the UK decides to arm militants fighting against the Syrian government.

Finian Cunningham – ‘French fable in face of Qusayr defeat’

Whenever French Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius finally retires from his dubious diplomatic career, he might consider taking up writing – that is, writing pulp fiction novels of outlandish tales. He already has a ready-made suitable penname: Laurent Fabulous.
This alternative career idea comes in the wake this week of his sensationalist claim that the French government “has no doubt that the Syrian regime used chemical weapons.”

Senator John McCain Meets Leaders of Terror Brigade in Syria. The NGOs that Made it Happen

english.al-akhbar.com – Video: Belgian fighters behead man in Syria

Press TV – After Qusayr victory, Syrian army launches Aleppo operation

The Syrian army has launched a major operation to clear the northwestern city of Aleppo of the foreign-backed militants in the country, Press TV reports.
Syrian forces have reportedly closed the major outlets of the city, which is located some 310 kilometers (192 miles) north of the capital, Damascus.

Press TV – Rocket attack kills six people near Aleppo

At least six people have been killed in a rocket attack on an area outside Aleppo, hours after a car bomb killed eight people in the province of Homs in western Syria.
The deaths occurred on Saturday when foreign-backed insurgents fired rockets into in the Aleppo countryside, leaving several others, including women and children, injured.

Humanitarian Crisis in Syria: “The West should Pay War Reparations to Syria”. Interview with Michel Chossudovsky

“What we must now tackle at an international level is war reparations. The war is over unless of course the West decides to continue this war e.g. with a no fly zone. That would be an extremely dangerous option at this stage because Syria has an advanced air defense system.”
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