8 jun

Press TV – Eight Syrians killed in car bomb attack in Homs

At least eight people, including three women and a teen, have been killed in a car bomb blast in the Syrian province of Homs.
The incident took place on Saturday after a car loaded with explosives detonated in Al-Adawiya neighborhood, Syrian media said.
Several people were reportedly injured in the blast.

english.ruvr.ru – Putin, Netanyanu discuss situation in Syria – Kremlin

Russian President Vladimir Putin and Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu had a phone conversation on Friday to discuss the situation in Syria, the Kremlin press service reported.
”The two men continued the constructive dialogue started in Sochi and discuss vital issues of bilateral relations, and also the situation in Syria and around d it,” the report says.
According to earlier reports, the situation in the Golan Heights has aggravated.
The Austrian authorities have announced their plans to withdraw 377 peacekeepers from there.
Putin said earlier on Friday Russia is ready to replace the British peacekeepers in the Golan Heights if the UN agrees and if the countries of the region are interested in that.

voltairenet.org – No civilians inside liberated Al-Qusayr

Journalists who visited Al-Qusayr in the wake of its liberation by the Syrian Arab Army have noted the absence of civilians.
Since the beginning of the crisis, the UK-based Syrian Observatory of Human Rights (an affiliate of the Muslim Brotherhood, ”informed” by MI6) stated that the ”sons of Qusayr” were defending the city against the loyalist army. The SOHR gave an imaginary number of civilian casualties enabling the NATO and GCC press to cry foul.
Quite the contrary, the Syrian Arab Army had waited for all civilians to leave the before launching its offensive.
One thousand foreign-backed fighters fled Al-Qusayr just before it was liberated.

Syrian forces find Israeli arms in militant strongholds

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