6 jun

Christof Lehmann – S-300, MiG 29s and MiG 31s for Syria. Russia Draws Red Line In Syrian Sand. Toward a Strategic Balance in the Middle East

The recent commitment by Russia to honor a contract with Syria for the delivery of S-300 Surface to Air defense systems, considered to be one of the best, if not the best in the world, is followed up by a Syrian request for the delivery of MiG 29 M/M2 fighter jets. In 2012 NATO stationed Patriot Missile Defense Systems along the 900 km long Syrian – Turkish border; Saudi-Arabia and the USA signed a deal for a significant upgrade of Saudi-Arabia´s air force. Russia is drawing a red line in the Syrian sand. With the words of Russian President Vladimir Putin, a direct military intervention against Syria would be futile. The Middle East is being prepared for a stand-off.

It is also a clear signal that NATO and E.U. cannot count on being able to solve energy, energy-security and geo-political problems by illegal wars without having to consider the possibility of having to pay a price that may be to high.

Putin at 31st Russia – E.U. Summit, ” Any Attempts of Direct Military Intervention in Syria Futile “

english.ruvr.ru – Clashes continue in Syria, shell explodes near Russian Embassy in Damascus

Terrorists carried out a few armed raids in Damascus today. The shell exploded near the Russian Embassy in Damascus.
A local news agency reports that an armed car was exploded in the north-eastern part of the city. According to preliminary data, several civilians were injured.

almanar.com.lb – Syrian Army Regains Quneitra, Progresses in Damascus, Daraa Countryside

english.ruvr.ru – Moscow calls to pick side in Syria conflict

Russia’s chief of foreign affairs has urged the international community to finally take its pick and decide whether it is going to side with forces set to topple the Syrian regime or with the ones calling for a nationwide dialogue on Syrian peace.
Speaking at a press conference, Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said: “We want that… the international community took off the blinders that make its focus on its immediate urge to overthrow one leader, then unseat another one, while turning a blind eye on the outcome of these actions.”

english.ruvr.ru – Consequences of Syrian government forces’ victory in Qusair

The Obama Administration has condemned the recapture of the town of Qusair from rebels by the Syrian army on Wednesday. Many observers noticed that the statement by White House spokesman Jay Carney was quite hysterical.
According to them, this shows that the Syrian army inflicted a serious defeat on militants in al-Qusair. Really, after the loss of the city the capabilities of rebels will significantly fall, says Syrian General Mohammed Isa.

english.ruvr.ru – Russia asks Turkey for info on sarin terrorists

Russia has called on Turkey to share its findings on the case of Syrian rebels who were seized on the Turkish-Syrian border with a 2kg cylinder full of nerve gas sarin.
Russia’s top foreign official Sergei Lavrov today said the Kremlin wanted to get clear on the issue of chemical weapons used in Syria, since the allegation had taken on the role of a trading card in the conflict, becoming a focus of constant provocations.
“I do not rule out that some force may want to use it [the rumour] to say that the “red line” has been crossed and a foreign intervention is needed,” the minister said.

Press TV – West seeks to use chemical weapons excuse to intervene in Syria: Makki, interview with Danny Makki, a political commentator from London

Ajamu Baraka – Syria and the Sham of “Humanitarian Intervention”

I continue to be amazed with the ease with which the dividing line is blurred between what is real and what is fiction in the reporting on Syria by the Western media. The press in the U.S. continues to dutifully report on the “objective diplomacy” by the Obama administration to broker a “peaceful” resolution to the conflict in Syria. However, those stories of noble and innocent efforts to avert the catastrophic human suffering that has eventually engulfed Syria has sanitized the bloody complicity of U.S. policy. Diplomacy, for the U.S., has meant calling for regime change from the outset and then encouraging Qatar, Saudi Arabia and Israel, their client states in the region, to arm, train and provide political support for a military campaign with the objective of effectively dismembering the Syria State.

syriareport.net – Air to air missiles used by Syria militants

Earlier today, Lebanese satellite television station Al-Manar broadcasted some exclusive footage from the freshly taken city of Al-Qusayr. Among the items left behind by the fleeing militants, Al-Manar also presented some missiles supposedly of Israeli or American production. As a military tech connoisseur I feel it is my duty to clarify some things.

Press TV – UK Tories demand Commons vote to block arms supply to Syria militants

Qusayr victory, blow to Syrian militants, interview with Elias Farhat, retired Army General

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