27 maj

Min tolkning av läget är den att det finns lite olika viljor bland västs finansoligarker, ayatollorna bakom scenen. En amerikansk fraktion som är inställda på att ge upp Syrien-kampanjen och få ett slut på striderna, det är denna vilja som Carl Bildt ger uttryck för. Och en brittisk-israelisk-fransk fraktion som vill att våldet ska fortsätta (som extremister som fp’s Olle Schmidt ser sig som springpojke åt). Eller så är allt detta vapenskrammel från britternas sida en del av en taktik för att sätta press på Syriens ledning inför förhandlingarna.

Press TV – Hague: UK govt. ready to go it alone on arming terrorists in Syria

The British Foreign Secretary has hinted that the UK government was ready to go it alone as long as the issue of arming foreign-backed terrorists in Syria is concerned.
William Hague was speaking in Brussels ahead of a meeting of EU foreign ministers, where he did his best to persuade his counterparts of the need to lift restrictions on the supply of weapons to Syrian rebels.

Press TV – Syrian army gains more ground in Qusayr as EU discusses arms embargo

english.ruvr.ru – Lavrov, Kerry join forces to broker Syria peace talks

US Secretary of State John Kerry and Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov are meeting in France to look into the specifics of the upcoming “Geneva conference.2” in a push to find a peaceful way out of the Syrian crisis.
Neither Russia nor the US has so far named an exact date for the anticipated peace talks. It was previously announced that the conference could take place by the end of May. The meeting was then postponed until at least mid-June, diplomatic sources said.

english.ruvr.ru – Syrian National Coalition will not take part in Geneva-2 conference – official

friendsofsyria.wordpress.com – Car bomb kills 6 injures 30 in Syria’s Homs

The bomb exploded on Monday near a gas station in al-Waar neighborhood of Homs causing huge material damage to the station and the buildings surrounding it.
Meanwhile, the battle between Syrian government troops and foreign-backed insurgents over the strategic city of Qusayr continues for the eighth straight day
Sources inside Qusayr say 80 percent of the city is now under the control of government troops and Syrian soldiers have arrested the Moroccan leader of a terrorist group after he was injured.

sana.sy – Al-Jaafari: Syria Insists on Investigating Qatar’s Role in Abducting UN Personnel in Golan

Syria’s Permanent Representative to the UN Dr. Bashar al-Jaafari said that Syria insists on conducting a UN investigation of the role of Qatari intelligence agencies in the abduction of UN personnel in the occupied Syrian Golan.
In an interview with Russia’s Novosti news agency on Monday, al-Jaafari said that a person from Doha used a Qatari phone number to contact the people who abducted UN personnel and explained to them how to act, where to go, what to say and what to do about the abductees.
He said that this information is confirmed by an email sent by a UN employee working in Damascus to the UN headquarters, and that this email was circulated on the highest level in the UN, including the Secretary-General.

syriareport.net – Syrian TV Reporter Shot Dead

The Syrian Ministry of Information today confirmed the death of news reporter Yara Abbas in Al-Qusayr, Homs province. Abbas was killed by a sniper in the vicinity of Al-Daba’a military airbase which is currently being secured by Syrian troops following a major offensive on Al-Qusayr city.
Abbas, who worked for Alikhbaria Syria was reportedly embedded with Syrian troops engaged in counter-insurgency operations in the area.

Too Many Cooks: EU divided over arming Syrian rebels, with Jeremy Salt

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