23 maj

almanar.com.lb – Battle for Qusayr: Terrorists’ Supply Routes Totally Cut

Syrian Army continued Thursday its military operation in the northern city of Qusayr and the rest of its countryside chasing the terrorist groups deployed in the area.
The second stage of the Qusayr battle was launched Wednesday, inflicting the opposition militant groups heavy losses and arresting many of their members.
Al-Manar TV correspondent reported that fierce clashes took place Thursday between the terrorists and the Syrian army in the northern quarter and western part of Basateen village.
“Qazmaniya in the eastern Ghotta was reclaimed,” he said.
“The second round will represent a great step towards resolving the battle,” he noted citing high rank Syrian source.
“The new round includes cutting off all the main routes which terrorists might use to escape the army blows; cutting off most of the terrorists’ supply routes; and dismantling mines and roadside improvised explosive devices (IED) planted by terrorists,” the correspondent added without elaborating further for security reasons.

Press TV – Israeli regime preparing for war on Syria

An Israeli military commander says Tel Aviv is prepared to carry out an attack on Syria as soon as the government of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad collapses.
On Wednesday, Israeli Major General Amir Eshel said the Tel Aviv regime might launch a sudden war on Syria ‘the moment Damascus falls.’

Christof Lehmann – Widening of Syria War into a Regional War with Global Implications becoming Inevitable

The U.S. Senate Committee on Foreign Relations has passed legislation that, if signed by U.S. President Obama, approves of officially supplying weapons to what the committee describes as “The Syrian Opposition”.
According to international law the bill implies, that the U.S.A. officially becomes a conflicting party due to the fact, that the official approval of weapons deliveries and other aid to “the opposition” is changing its status to that of a mercenary corps.
The Senate´s decision has significantly increased the likelihood of the development of a regional war with global implications and has, if it is signed by President Obama, for the foreseeable future undermined attempts to settle the war by political means.

Already in 2011 a whistleblower at the U.S. Special Forces at Ft. Bragg, North Carolina, U.S.A. stated to nsnbc, that the USA has special forces deployed in Syria and the the USA is financing and arming the “Syrian opposition”.

In March, the Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov stated, that “International law does not permit the supply of arms to non-governmental actors and our point of view is that it is a violation of international law”

Scott Creighton – On behalf of “national interests”, a US Senate panel votes to arm foreign-backed al-Qaeda linked terrorists in Syria

Every single senator who voted for this bill is guilty of treason according to the NDAA 2012 which clearly states you cannot provide aid and comfort to terrorist groups associated with al-Qaeda. They offered up a bill to provide arms and a quarter of a billion dollars to groups who have openly declared their allegiance to the terrorist organization credited with the attacks of 9/11 on behalf of our “national interests” (oil companies, banking cartels, vulture capitalists, Israel). They can AND SHOULD be detained by the military and held indefinitely without access to legal representation in an undisclosed detention facility. As popular opinion across the entire civilized world has turned sharply in favor of the legitimate government of Syria and her people and against the mercenary terrorists (our destabilization campaign contractors) who are killing and maiming innocent people, the monsters in our congress, beholding to big finance and foreign nations, spew more of their caustic venom unto the world in support of “vile maxim of the masters of mankind: all for ourselves and nothing for other people.

Press TV – Syria resolute to fight terrorists, find political solution: Assad

”Syria is determined to tackle terrorism and those who support it regionally and globally, and to find a political solution to the crisis,” Assad told a Tunisian delegation on Thursday.
His remarks came after Syrian troops achieved great victories against the insurgents in the western border town of Qusayr in Homs Province.

Press TV – Militants in Syria receive 35-ton Saudi arms cargo: Top cmdr.

Mycket värdefull artikel! – Antonio C. S. Rosa – On the Road to Damascus: An Eyewitness Report

I participated, May 1-11, 2013 in the Mussalaha International Peace Delegation to Lebanon-Syria alongside fellow TRANSCEND member Nobel Peace Laureate Mairead Maguire, from Ireland, and 15 others from eight countries. Keenly aware of my responsibility, especially to my newly made Syrian and Lebanese friends left behind, I shall try to report, describe, make sense of what I saw, heard and experienced; also offer views and insights based on interviews. However, this report will take more than one article.

Mairead Maguire, who talked in private with four Syrian armed combatants, said they told her they took up arms against the government because they were unemployed; one of them with five children. Al Qaida offered them money.

voltairenet.org – New US Senate bill on Syria

Press TV – Jim W Dean – US Senate violates Nuremberg precedent for waging offensive war

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