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Press TV – Syria government, opposition to take part in peace conference: Brahimi

UN-Arab League Special Envoy to Syria Lakhdar Brahimi says the Syrian government and the opposition are preparing to take part in the upcoming international peace conference.
Brahimi told reports on Tuesday at the Arab League that both the Damascus government and the opposition will take part in talks to try to resolve the conflict in Syria, which are due to take place in the Swiss city of Geneva in June, Reuters news agency reported.

english.ruvr.ru – Lavrov, Hague discuss Syria in telephone conversation

english.ruvr.ru – Israel army warns Syria of Golan unrest ‘consequences’

Storbritannien och Israel verkar inte nöjda med att det görs försök till att få till stånd förhandlingar med målet att få slut på våldet i Syrien.

Press TV – Britain conspiring to kill any hopes of breakthrough in future Syria talks

In a statement to parliament, Hague exposed a conspiracy in-the-making by telling MPs “there is a real risk that the Assad regime [the government of Syrian president Bashar al-Assad] will not negotiate seriously.
The Foreign Secretary also threatened the Syrian government by moaning that ”no option is off the table”, and that the UK government would keep mounting pressure on the European Union to lift an arms embargo against foreign-backed terrorists fighting the Syrian government forces.
”We must make clear that if the regime does not negotiate seriously at the Geneva conference, no option is off the table, Hague said. ”There remains a serious risk that the Assad regime will not negotiate seriously.”
Hague has resorted to the old threatening tone, even when the Syrian government and true opposition forces in the country are unanimous in calls for finding a diplomatic Syria-Syria solution to the conflict.

Press TV – Israeli army says its troops fired at targets inside Syria

Michel Chossudovsky – Israeli Army Vehicle Enters Syria, Israel Supports Al Nusra Rebels

According to the Syrian Military Command, an Israeli Armed unit entered Syria. An Israeli army vehicle which crossed the cease-fire line towards the village of Bir Ajam inside Syria was destroyed by Syrian forces:
“On Tuesday at 1:10 am (2100 GMT Monday), our armed forces destroyed an Israeli vehicle with everything it was carrying, which came from the occupied territories,”

Press TV – ‘US, Turkey, Israel made strategic errors on assessments of Syria situation’

An Israeli website has said in an article that the US, Turkey, and Israel had made ”strategic errors” on their assessments of the situation in Syria.
Mossad-connected DEBKAfile wrote that ”Strategic errors, which may turn out to be irreversible, because they emanated from faulty assessments shared by Israel and the Obama administration of the strengths on the Syrian battlefield.”
”To this day, the US, Israel and Turkey cling to the belief that Assad’s days are numbered and refuse to recognize the steady advances made by the Syrian army in its counter-offensive for dislodging the rebels from land they captured in more than two years of combat,” the article said.
DEBKAfile added that ”the next stage of the Syrian war” would ”evolve into a war of attrition against Israel waged from the Syrian Golan.”
”At all events, the Syrian civil conflict appears poised ready to spill over to one or more of its neighbors, starting with Israel,” it warned.
The article also acknowledged that the US and Israel had failed ”to break up the Tehran-Damascus-Hezbollah alliance.”
The report came as Tel Aviv has recently boosted military activities in the occupied Golan Heights, where clashes between Syrian forces and foreign-sponsored militants have spiked dramatically in recent weeks.
The Israeli military also has carried out three airstrikes against Syria so far this year.
This is while, the Syrian army is advancing on the foreign-militants in several battlefields across Syria.

brown-moses.blogspot.co.uk – Three Chemical Weapon Specialist Answer Questions About Chemical Weapons In Syria

Sadeq Khanafer, Hussein Mallah – Why Assad ”Wasn’t, Won’t Be” Defeated? (6/7)

In part 6 of “Why Assad wasn’t, won’t be Defeated?” we will tackle the stands of international powers towards the Syrian crisis and its shifts, as well as the potential of reaching a multi-polar world.

Finian Cunningham – ‘Western, Saudi terror hits Syria, Iraq’

You could hardly make this up: two countries sitting side-by-side, sharing the same border and sharing the same kind of horrific violence against their civilian populations.
Yet, Western governments and their dysfunctional news media defy rational thinking – and the glaring truth – by referring to the perpetrators in one country in positive tones as “rebels” while in the other country the pejorative term “terrorists” is permitted in discourse. That is what you call “doublethink” – an absurd inability to see or tell the truth.
We are talking, of course, about Syria and Iraq – two countries that share so much of humanity’s heritage of ancient civilization – that are now each being ripped apart by mercenaries with guns and bombs who have no value for human life
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