18 maj

Press TV – Three killed, five injured in Damascus bombing

Press TV – ‘Video shows Israeli special forces in Syria’

Fox News has published a video allegedly showing Israeli special forces on a mission inside the Syrian soil.
The American news network added that it ”captured, for the very first time, Israeli commandos coming back from inside Syria on a mission.”
The report does not specify how or where the film has been captured. But it appears to be near the occupied Golan Heights. Israel has recently boosted military activities in the area.
The video raised some concerning aspects of Israel regime’s role in the 26-month-old conflict in Syria.

english.ruvr.ru – Accusations of Syria’s use of chemical weapons could be used as a pretext to intervention – Assad

In an exclusive interview for the Argentinian newspaper Clarín, shared with the Observer, Bashar al-Assad says he welcomes attempts at dialogue, but believes that western states are looking for ways to fuel the violence, rather than stop it, and are seeking to topple his regime regardless of the toll.

Syrian President Bashar al-Assad speaks to Argentinian newspaper Clarin about the ongoing civil war in Syria.

Christof Lehmann – UN General Assembly Resolution on Syria demonstrates why the UN Should be Abolished

The United Nations General Assembly has adopted a highly politicized, non-binding draft resolution on Syria. The resolution contradicts the reality on the ground and the political reality pertaining Syria, contradicts the purpose and Charter of the United Nations, endorses international, state-sponsored terrorism, and obstructs a political solution to end the war on Syria.
The success of the resolution lies in the fact that it is one of the clearest yet demonstrations of the depth of the systemic crisis of the United Nations, for the fact that the United Nations has turned into an instrument of neo-colonialism and imperialism, and that human rights advocates, peace advocates, advocates for international law and justice and progressives, such as the International Progressive Organization are seriously mistaken if they suggest, that it would be safe to salvage and reform the United Nations.
The UNGA resolution on Syria ought to become the basis for discussing a new approach to a global community of sovereign nations.

I would like to end this editorial with a quote of the Russian Ambassador to NATO Alexander Grutchko who described the situation in Syria and its causes and the illegality in solving the crisis better than anyone else when he said:
Someone here in Brussels made a most profound point by saying that if you are holding a hammer, you should not think that every emerging problem is a nail. We think the world has ample opportunity to engage in energy cooperation and to ensure energy security without making use of military-political organizations as an instrument”.

Franklin Lamb – UN General Assembly Vote Reflects Shift In Syrian Public Opinion

Over the past four or five months it has become increasingly clear that public opinion in Syria is shifting for reasons that include, but are not limited to the following:
While inflation at the grocery stores in probably the most common complaint heard from a cross-section of society here, the population is adapting somewhat to higher prices and it appears to credit the government for efforts, some successful, to soften the impact of the illegal US-led sanctions that target this same Syrian population for purely political reasons to achieve regime change.
While Syrians demand dignity and freedom from oppressive security forces and an end to corruption, as all people do in this region and beyond, they are witnessing a return to near normalcy with respect to supplies of electricity, benzene, mazout fuel oil, bus schedules, schools, and a host of public services such as garbage collection, street sweeping, park maintenance, and sympathetic traffic cops who are rather understanding of short-cuts taken by drivers and pedestrians due to “the situation”.

As noted above, this trend has accelerated since the UN General Assembly vote with last weeks which did not go as planned on the biased and politicized non-binding draft resolution on Syria.
The public reaction in Syria and across the Middle East is substantially that the “Friends of Syria” non-binding GA resolution contradicts the reality on the ground, backs terrorism in Syria and hinders the international efforts to help achieve a political solution to the crisis in this country. Only 107 states voted in favor of the resolution, 12 against while 59 countries, mostly from Africa and Latin America, abstained from voting.
One reason the vote fell short of the 130 favorable votes that the basically same resolution garnered the past two times is that it is widely viewed as ignoring the crimes and atrocities committed by the armed jihadist groups in Syria and the flow of thousands of international terrorists backed by the West, the Gulf states and Turkey who provide them with weapons and money. According to the Russian delegate, backed by several other speakers, “the resolutions ignores all the terrorists’ heinous crimes and denounces what it called the escalation of the attacks by the Syrian government”.

After Qatar’s ambassador spoke in favor of the resolution his country drafted (and re-drafted several time), Ja’afari revealed that there existed an e-mail, from the representative of the Syrian opposition given to Syria’s embassy in Qatar, showing Qatar’s involvement in the kidnapping of UN peacekeepers by the Yarmouk Martyrs Brigade. He read out a phone number from the e-mail as several Gulf diplomats grimaced or scowled, and three left the Chamber.
Visibly stunned, the UK Permanent Representative Lyall Grant called the whole matter “deeply confusing”. Another Permanent Representative, from a militia contributing country, said that if true, it’s “very problematic.” The reasons include the fact that UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon had just thanked Qatar for its roles in the release of the UN Peacekeepers the earlier kidnapping of whom the Qatari government may have planned, paid for and executed.
Meanwhile, Ban Ki-moon’s spokesperson Martin Nesirky said he would not disclose any more about the “negotiations to free the peacekeepers or who was behind the crime.”
Score a major diplomatic victory for Syria’s UN Ambassador al-Jaafari as public opinion shifts in favor of the Assad government and both pressure as well as optimism build in the run-up to the Geneva II conference being organized by the White House and the Kremlin.

Video 25 min – Bashar al Jaafari reveals: ”Qatar implicated in UNDOF kidnappings” – May 16. 2013 (en översättarröst kommer igång efter 2 min, men jag tycker att det är svårt att höra)

Russia Today – Teargas v stones, bottles: Hundreds of protesters clash with Turkish police near Syrian border (VIDEO, PHOTOS)

nyhetsbanken.se – Kannibalism förklarad

‘Neo-Ottomanism driven Turkey does NATO’s job, adds fuel to Syrian fire’, Turkish police have fired gas at protesters in a town near the Syrian border – which was the scene of a deadly double car bombing a week ago… Journalist Manuel Ochsenreiter, who’s covered the Syrian crisis extensively, says Ankara’s aggravating the conflict.

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