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globalresearch.ca – Findings of the Mussalaha Peace Mission to Syria, The Concluding Declaration of the Mussalaha Delegation to Syria – Friday, May 10th 2013

These are the findings of our delegation, consisting of 16 human rights activists from seven countries. Over the course of nine days we visited refugee camps, affected communities, religious leaders, combatants, government representatives and many others – perpetrators and victims – in Syria and Lebanon.
We were already horrified by what we knew before coming, but what we have learned as a delegation brings shame to almost everyone involved.
We call on the international community to protect the territorial integrity of Syria and to respect the fundamental rights of Syria as a sovereign state. We deplore any intent to breach the integrity of Syria’s frontiers or to damage the unity and rich diversity of the Syrian people.

Our primary appeal is that all countries stop their interference in Syrian affairs – more specifically, that they halt the supply of arms and foreign combatants to both sides of the conflict. If foreign countries agree to eliminate the influx of arms and fighters, we are confident that Syrians can find their own solutions to their problems and achieve reconciliation.

Secondly, we appeal to the international media to stop the flow of misinformation regarding the Syrian conflict. We believe that every Syrian, both in and outside the country, should be given the right to be heard and we do not see this reflected in the international coverage of this crisis.
Thirdly, while we entirely support the embargo on arms, we ask the international community to review and reconsider the crippling sanctions that are taking such a heavy toll on ordinary Syrian people.

english.ruvr.ru – UN assembly slams Syrian government’s ‘escalation’ of war

The UN General Assembly on Wednesday condemned the Syrian government’s ”escalation” of the country’s war and backed the role of the opposition coalition in transition talks.
Russia fiercely opposed the resolution as a potential obstacle to peace talks. And only 107 countries in the 193 member assembly down backed the resolution, down from 133 when Syria was the focus of a debate last year.

english.ruvr.ru – Proposed UN Syria resolution counterproductive – Russian diplomat

Speaking in New York Wednesday, Deputy Russian UN Ambassador Alexander Pankin described the proposed General Assembly resolution on Syria as inappropriate, counterproductive, sowing discord, distracting attention from the need to put an end to violence and creating obstacles to the mission of international Syria envoy Lakhdar Brahimi.
He said now that Russia and the US have agreed to convene an international conference on Syria passing a motion of this kind would do untold damage.

nyhetsbanken.se – Färre stater stöder Syrienkritik

FN:s generalförsamling fördömde på onsdagen den syriska regeringens ”upptrappning” av kriget i Syrien och uttalade stöd för den väpnade oppositionen. Men Ryssland motsatte sig häftigt resolutionen och brännmärkte den ett potentiellt hinder för planer på att hålla fredsförhandlingar i Genève nästa månad.
Resolutionen stöddes framför allt av de länder som skickar vapen och pengar för att omstörta Syrien: USA, Storbritannien, Frankrike och de lydiga arabländerna. Texten hade utarbetats av Qatar med flera krigsanstiftare som hycklade oro över ”stigande dödssiffror” som de själva åstadkommit.
Omröstningen blev en ny tragisk påminnelse om vilka det är som styr i världen, med lock och pock.
Glädjande var emellertid att krigsanstiftarna denna gång samlade 26 röster förra än förra gången. 107 länder av 193 röstade för resolutionen jämfört med 133 förra gången, i augusti i fjol.

Graden av absurditet skruvas upp!
Snacka om skolgårdens odrägliga bråkstake. ”Jag kanske kommer att klippa till dej igen, och jag varnar dej för att slå tillbaka!” – nytimes.com – Israel Hints at New Strikes, Warning Syria Not to Retaliate

A senior Israeli official signaled on Wednesday that Israel was considering further military strikes on Syria to stop the transfer of advanced weapons to Islamic militants, and he warned the Syrian president, Bashar al-Assad, that his government would face crippling consequences if it retaliated against Israel.

Guennadi Ziouganov – Israeli attack on Syria is a provocation against Russia

A few days ago, Israel launched air strikes on Syrian territory. These attacks cannot but qualify as an act of aggression against a sovereign state. The UN Charter defines aggression as the most serious crime against peace.
These actions were made possible because for decades Tel Aviv has brazenly violated international law, led wars of aggression against neighboring states, grossly ignoring the resolutions of the UN Security Council in continuing its occupation of Arab territories, preventing the return of millions of Palestinian refugees to their homes. All this increases the tension in the Middle East, undermines peace and stability in the region.
Tel Aviv could not implement such a policy, including attacks against Damascus, without Washington’s full consent and unconditional support. This creates in the aggressor a sense of impunity and pushes him to indulge in new, ever more ambitious provocations.
It is not a coincidence. The United States, in their quest for world domination, are increasingly moving away from political and economic forms of offensive and resorting to military force against countries that do not share Western values.
The targets of such a policy have become Yugoslavia, Iraq, Afghanistan and Libya. Syria has been cast in the role of the next victim. But the heroic resistance of the people does not permit the actualization of these plans.

8dagar.com – Bilder av Obamas, Camerons och Erdogans kompisar

nyhetsbanken.se – Tyskland går emot flygförbudszon

Tysklands försvarsminister Thomas de Maizière sa i söndags att en militär intervention skulle ha begränsade möjligheter att lösa några problem och att ett militärt ingripande skulle vara ”mycket dyrt och destruktivt”.

Finian Cunningham – Cannibalizing Syria: The West to blame

The grotesque video depicting the cannibalism by one man is really a vignette of the bigger picture of cannibalism that the Western regimes have unleashed on the entire Syrian people – a monstrosity of state terrorism that Western media are guilty of covering up.

Press TV –Austria refutes British attempts to arm terrorists in Syria

In a reported entitled ”Die Briten sind not amused,” [The Brits are not amused], the Austrian paper Die Presse reported that lifting the embargo would ”constitute a breach of international and EU law” and be contrary to the ”principle of non-intervention and non-use of force” laid down in the UN Charter.

slut på uppdateringen _____________________

english.ruvr.ru – Moscow opposed to speedy hearing of UN Syria resolution

The Russian Foreign Ministry points out in comments that the text of the resolution remains biased and unilateral.
The draft puts all the blame for destabilizing the situation in Syria exclusively on the government in Damascus, while ignoring crimes by the armed opposition.
Moscow urges all nations to shore up the Russian-American agreement on settling the Syrian crisis.

english.ruvr.ru – Iran, Saudi Arabia should participate in conference on Syria – Lavrov

”It is a common opinion that those who were in Geneva last year should attend a new conference as well, and it is our understanding that some important players, including Iran and Saudi Arabia, should be added to these participants, and we will work on this,” Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov told journalists following a meeting with U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry on the sidelines of an Arctic Council meeting in Sweden.

english.ruvr.ru – US and France do not welcome Iran’s participation in Syria conference

english.ruvr.ru – Moscow expects Syrian opposition to back Russian-U.S. plan for Syria – Lavrov

”We know that the opposition coalition is holding a conference in Istanbul, and simultaneously a meeting in Madrid will take place, which is being convened by the domestic opposition, particularly the National Coordination Committee. It is important for all conference participants to express clear support for the Russian-U.S. initiative on implementing the Geneva communique,” Lavrov said.

‘Russia’s stance on Syria quite clear’, interview with George Jabbour, a Damascus-based political commentator

english.ruvr.ru – UN High Commissioner for Human Rights calls on Syrian rebels to stop atrocities

Press TV – Cannibal terrorist says video from Syria is real

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