11 maj

För några dagar sen en FN-rapport om misstankar om att de väpnade grupperna använt kemiska vapen, idag snack om att den syriska militären ska ha använt sådana! Kerry claims Syria used chemical weapons – Är inte detta kemiska vapen-kort utslitet vid det här laget!?
Och så kraftiga bilbombsdåd i Turkiet nära gränsen mot Syrien. Är det ännu ett desperat försök att störa fredsinitiativen?

Russia Today – 40 killed, 100 injured as explosions rock Turkish town on Syrian border (PHOTOS, VIDEO)

Press TV – ‘Turkey, UK providing excuse for military intervention in Syria’, an interview with Ibrahim Alloush, professor at Zaytouneh University in Amman, Jordan

Press TV: Let’s talk about the meeting between US Secretary of State John Kerry and Lavrov – we also know that the British Prime Minister David Cameron is being entertained by Vladimir Putin. Are we looking at a shift in approach by the West when it comes to the war on Syria?
Alloush: Well, there is definitely an increasing tide towards accepting a political solution in Syria, but this has been going on and off for the last year or so where you have forces within the West trying to reach some kind of agreement with Russia over Syria.
At the same time you have forces that are trying to pull back any possibility of a political solution including the UK, which has said recently, actually in the last couple of days, that it is looking into convincing the EU to lift the ban on providing lethal aid to the rebels within Syria.
So, the more the Syrian army succeeds in prevailing on the ground and the more the rebels fail on the field, the more likely a political solution would be reached.
On the other hand, the more there is lethal aid to the rebels thus enabling them to penetrate certain regions or perform certain military tasks within Syria, the less likely there will be a political solution in Syria.

sana.sy – Mitofanov: There Is Unified Center Leading Media Instigation against Syria

Chairman of the Russian Duma’s Committee on Information Policy, Information Technologies and Communications, Aleksey Mitrofanov, said there is a unified center standing behind the wave of media instigations targeting Syria, which is evident by the fact that all U.S. and Western media repeat the same terminology regarding what is happening in Syria.
”The instigation against Syria is clear in the Western media as they openly support those whom they call ‘rebels’ who are neither known by us nor by the international community,” Mitrofanov told Russian Today channel in an interview aired Friday night.

Mtrofanov pointed out that ”there is a certain center where decisions are made, and according to which the media begin the process of brainwashing,” adding that this takes place without any regard to the ”freedom of speech” and in the framework of a mere propaganda that is being controlled and broadcast in different languages.
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