6 maj

Undrar varför FN och västmedierna går ut med detta just nu – Rebeller misstänks ha använt kemiska vapen – För att bygga upp någon sorts förtroendekapital och försöka skaffa sig trovärdighet och senare komma med påståenden om att man har bevis för att regeringstrupperna använt sådana vapen?

Syria’s Iranian and Russian Allies may Openly Intervene if Crisis Escalates, Israel’s reported second air strike on Syria in two days targeted a facility just outside the capital. But there was no escalation toward Israel to justify the attack – and Tel Aviv is only trying to drag the US into the conflict.
That’s the view of journalist and Middle East expert Ali Rizk, who told RT he believes the actions are Israel’s attempt to influence US Middle East policy.

RT: This isn’t just an isolated incident but a series of air offensives above a foreign territory. Why has Israel been so persistent despite the fact that such military action is a clear violation of international law?
Ali Rizk: I think you have to put all the pieces of the puzzle together. Remember that all of the furor and havoc about chemical weapons? Who was the one that made this first announcement…it was Itai Brun, the military intelligence Israeli official who made the announcement about Syria using chemical weapons from the very beginning, after President Obama had said time and again, “that is the red line.”
That didn’t succeed thus far in dragging the US to war against Syria so now I think we had two incidents.
There was a reported Israeli strike on a convoy and now we have indeed an Israeli strike on Jamraya. So I think we have a classical example of what we might call Israel trying to manipulate US policy in the Middle East, trying to drag Obama yet again into another confrontation.
I think that is the case which we have right now, once again. So Israel is going to continue with these practices until it drags the US into conflict.
Why? The reason being that the Syrian army has made military advancements very recently. It seems that Bashar Assad militarily has gained the upper hand so Israel realizes Assad won’t be going unless there’s outside intervention. So Israel is trying to drag the US by saying “If you don’t go in, then we shall wreak havoc. We shall go ahead with our own military escalation.”

nyhetsbanken.se – Israel bombade Syrien

I två identiska skrivelser till FN:s säkerhetsråd ordförande och FN:s generalsekreterare informerar Syriens UD om att Israels krigsflygplan kl 01:40 söndag 5 maj 2013 genomförde israeliska krigsflygplan missilangrepp mot tre platser i SYrien, nämligen i nordöstra Jamraya, i Maysaloun och på segelflygplatsen i al-Dimas-området utanför Damaskus.
Den israeliska aggressionen resulterade i ett antal döda och skadade människor och orsakade omfattande förstörelse i dessa platser och de civila områden runt dem.

The Hypocrisy of Ban Ki-moon about Israel’s Attacks on Syria

We bring to the attention of our readers the following news release about the Israeli attack on Syria from the United Nations. Ban Ki-moon has called ”on all sides to exercise maximum calm and restraint.” No words of condemnation were uttered against Israel’s attack on Syria and Israel is never directly referenced.
It is Israel which has attacked Syria several times now. The aggressor and the victim cannot be equated as equivalents. In essence, Ban Ki-moon is whitewashing the Israeli attacks on Syria. The United Nations Secretariat expects Syria to do nothing and to accept the continuous aggression and assaults from Israel, which is capitalizing on the crisis inside Syria and threatening regional security, without making any condemnation of Israel’s actions in the United Nations.

Press TV – China raps Israeli attacks on Syria amid Netanyahu visit

China has slammed Tel Aviv’s recent act of aggression against Syria as Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu arrived in Shanghai for a visit.
”We are opposed to the use of force and believe that the sovereignty of any country should be respected,” Chinese Foreign Ministry spokeswoman, Hua Chunying, said at a press conference on Monday.

Press TV has conducted an interview with Alaa Ibrahim, political analyst, about Israel’s new strike on Syria.

Press TV – Turkey to hold military exercises on border with Syria

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