4 maj

Västmedierna kom idag med rubriker och uppgifter om en israelisk attack mot Syrien. Det är nog som Tony Cartalucci skriver ett desperat försök att hålla igång och utöka konflikten i ett läge där de väststödda väpnade gängen trycks tillbaka alltmer.

Israeli Airstrikes Signal Western Desperation in Syria, Alleged airstrikes hope to expand conflict, undermine Syrian advances, & provoke Syria and Iran to give US justification for military intervention

Once again, Israel is ”leaking” information about alleged airstrikes it claims it has conducted against Syria along the Lebanese-Syrian border. According to CNN’s ”Sources: U.S. believes Israel has conducted an airstrike into Syria,” …

Nato-trogen media går idag också ut med en ny massaker-kampanj, som så många gånger förr, och uppgifterna kommer från den gamla vanliga källan, mannen i Storbritannien och SOHR. Ännu en gång kallar man det en massaker på civila. Artikeln nedan ger en annan bild.

syrianews.cc – SAA Commits Massacres in Bayda & Qussayr Countryside

Syrian Arab Army been systematically demonized by western mainstream media throughout the Syrian crisis for over 2 years has finally proved them right and committed a series of massacres in Homs & Tartous countrysides. Tens were killed at the hands of the SAA forces in Qussayr countryside completing the siege around the city and in Bayda town on the coast near Baniyas in Tartous countryside, tens more were arrested and many wounded.
Before getting too much excited, the above news are parroted by all NATO aligned media in the west and their stooges in the Arab world, but with a small difference, those massacred at the hands of the Syrian Arab Army and the National Defense Forces were armed terrorists from Al-Qaeda FSA organization and not civilians who are always killed at the hands of these inhumane terrorists then frame the Syrian Army for it, and NATO strategists have a long history of reputation in using false-flags.

english.ruvr.ru – Situation in Baniyas is peaceful and calm – witness

Press TV’s interview with journalist and political commentator Ala’a Ibrahim in the Syrian capital of Damascus

sana.sy – Lavrov: Arming Sides instead of Countries Contradicts International Legitimacy

Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov on Friday said that arming sides instead of countries contradicts international legitimacy, stressing the need to implement what was agreed upon in the Geneva statement rather than pour oil on fire.
In a joint press conference with Slovenia’s Foreign Minister Karl Erjavec held in the city of Ljubljana, Lavrov said that talk of arming the opposition indicates betting on a military solution and not a political solution, noting that those who choose the military solution must realize that they’re pushing for geopolitical interests at the cost of more victims in Syria.
He pointed out that Moscow is expecting to continue discussing the Syrian issue with the US during the upcoming visit of US State Secretary John Kerry to Russia, adding that in recent communiqués with Moscow, Washington voiced support for a political solution.
Lavrov said that Moscow is against the exploitation of the displaced Syrians issue to create ”humanitarian passages” and no-fly zones in Syria, saying that Russia, China and other countries view some sides’ attempt to exploit this issue as efforts to prepare for foreign intervention.

Press TV – MKO terrorists active in Syria under guise of medics: Defected member

A defected member of the terrorist Mujahedin-e Khalq Organization (MKO) has revealed that the MKO terrorists are active in Syria under the cover of emergency and medical service providers.
According to the ex-MKO member, who spoke on condition of anonymity, the members of the terrorist group are stationed at a base called “Hanif,” which is disguised as a hospital, Mehr news agency reported.
The people working alongside the MKO members at the base do not know Persian and Arabic, and only speak English, the defected MKO member said.
Two members of the terrorist group, who were dispatched from the Turkish city of Istanbul to Syria to participate in the clashes in the Arab country, have recently been killed, the former MKO member said.
The two MKO members were the citizens of Denmark and Sweden.
The MKO previously cooperated with the foreign-backed militants in Syria through the Jordanian borders, but the terrorist group has now shifted to the Turkish border to infiltrate into the Syrian territory, the Mehr news agency report said.
In August 2012, a number of MKO terrorists detained by the Syrian government confessed that the MKO is training the militants on Turkish soil near the border with Syria, while certain Arab and Western states are providing necessary support for their activities.
In the summer of 2012, Iraqi and Syrian security officials announced that a large number of MKO members had entered Syria.

Sadeq Khanafer, Hussein Mallah – Why Assad “Wasn’t, Won’t be” Defeated? (4/7) (del 4 av 7, länk till tidigare delar finns i inlägget)

In part 4 of “Why Assad ‘Wasn’t, Won’t be’ Defeated?” we study thoroughly the Syrian leadership’s policy to confront huge western and Arab pressures on Damascus since the beginning of the crisis until the moment, in addition to the firmness of Syrian diplomacy.

Syria TV – President al-Assad Inaugurates Memorial of Syrian Universities’ Marartyrs 04-05-2013

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