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Press TV, 27 april – US training anti-Syria militants, al-Qaeda terrorists in Jordan: Report

Fresh evidence has surfaced shedding light on the role of foreign countries, the US in particular, in providing training and assistance to the militants and al-Qaeda terrorists in Syria.
In an interview with the state-run BBC, an unnamed senior commander from the terrorist Free Syrian Army (FSA) said the US has been secretly training the militants and the al-Qaeda operatives in neighboring Jordan
”Most of the rebels have some education; it was not hard for them to detect the American accent of the trainer. He spoke through a translator. But the way he spoke indicated that he was American,” he explained.
He said the two-week-long training courses, which take place at a military facility outside the Jordanian capital, focus on small and medium arms, as well as mortars, and rocket-propelled grenades.

Video 8 minSyria News 2.5.2013
* The Army Continues Crackdown on Terrorist Groups
* A Citizen Injured in Explosive Device Blast in His Car
* Kerry to Discuss Crisis in Syria during Visit to Russia

Gearóid Ó Colmáin – Stealing Syria’s Oil: The EU Al-Qaeda Oil Consortium

The decision of the European Union to lift the embargo on Syrian government’s energy exports by importing oil from the ‘armed opposition’ is another flagrant violation of international law. It violates the UN General Assembly declaration of 1962 on Permanent Sovereignty over Natural Resources and is yet another violation of the 1981 UN declaration on the Inadmissibility of Intervention and Interference in the Internal Affairs of States. But it is much more than a technical violation of the law. It marks the decent of civilization into barbarism.
London and Paris, have more than Washington, been at the forefront of aggression against Syria…

Tony Cartalucci – EU Lifts Oil Embargo on SyriaBuys Directly from Al Qaeda, Western media hails EU oil deal as potential game changer, despite admitting Al Qaeda holds oil fields

It was recently reported that the European Union would be lifting its oil embargo on Syria, in an effort to help fund what it calls ”rebels” operating there.

Clearly then, it is no accident that Al Qaeda has the weapons and cash to dominate the so-called ”opposition,” nor a mystery as to how they’ve managed to seize much of Syria’s oil fields. It is also no accident that these very terrorists now stand to gain immensely by selling stolen oil to the European Union, in a bid to further increase their strength, capabilities, and reach, in an otherwise so-far unsuccessful bid to overthrow the Syrian government.

Guenter Meyer – Poison gas attack in Syria by insurgents?

But who can benefit from the use of chemical weapons? Certainly not the Syrian government! It is highly unlikely that the regime would, in the present situation, take such a measure, which is irrelevant for the achievement of military objectives, and with the crossing of the “red line” set by President Obama, would only provoke a massive intervention by Western states. The use of lethal nerve gas is exactly the signal, for which the insurgents have been waiting to reinforce their demands for weapons supplies from abroad. Thus, it is obvious, that a chemical attack solely benefits the insurgents, while the position of the Syrian regime deteriorates seriously.
Already in June 2012, there were detailed press reports in the Arab media, whereupon poison gas attacks were prepared by the rebels in Syria, for which then the Assad government should be held responsible. Therefore, the arguments are quite convincing that the recent poison gas inserts were staged by opposition forces. This is intended, to put pressure on the Obama administration and NATO, so that finally even officially weapons can be delivered to the insurgents.

Press TV – Syria militants exhume grave of Prophet’s companion

Press TV – Power struggle growing among Syria militants

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