30 april

Ännu ett terrordåd i Damaskus idag!

Press TV – Blast hits central Damascus, causing casualties: Syrian media

A car bomb explosion has hit the central district of al-Marjeh in Syria’s capital city of Damascus, causing casualties, Syrian media report.
Reports also say the blast took place near the Syrian Interior Ministry. Gun fire was reportedly heard immediately after the blast.

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A massive car explosion has been reported in central Damascus with the Syrian Interior Ministry, a big hotel and a market located nearby. Local media report many have been injured.
Reports on casualties vary from five to seven people.
The explosion went off in Marjeh district of the capital. The Semiramis Hotel is located there, not far from the ministry.
There is no information on the target of the blast. Activists reported gunfire was heard in the area immediately after the explosion.
Eyewitnesses say they heard a powerful explosion and then saw thick, black smoke rising from behind a group of buildings.
The Marjeh district is in the historic part of the city. The blast went off near a building which once housed the country’s Ministry of Interior Affairs. The ministry had earlier been moved to another site.

Damascus – Marja: the high number of martyrs of the terrorist bombing to 13 and more than 70 injured

Timothy Bancroft-Hinchey, efter gårdagens dåd – Syria: Terrorists attempt to murder PM

The Syrian terrorists, backed by the FUKUS Axis (France, UK, US) have perpetrated a failed bomb attack against the Syrian Prime Minister, Wael al-Halaqi. Until what point will the West continue to cavort with murderers, rapists and torturers? Is this an ”ethical” foreign policy?

First they dismantled Yugoslavia, then they insolated and insulted the core of the Serbian nation by carving off Kosovo and virtually declaring it an independent state (when Kosovo is, was and always has been a province of the Republic of Serbia and is the birthplace of the Serbian nation). Afghanistan was next because it refused to allow the USA to build a pipeline transporting mineral resources from Central Asia to the Indian Ocean through Pakistan, then they attacked oil-rich Iraq based upon lies, then Libya because Colonel Gaddafy’s African policies were sending alarm bells ringing among the lobbies.
And now Syria, as a first step towards pushing Russia further away from the Mediterranean, as a last piece in the puzzle surrounding Iran, which if it follows, will become the final piece in the puzzle creating a vice-like grip around Russia’s throat. Then let’s guess who is next.
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