26 april

english.ruvr.ru – Moscow says UN decision on Syria chemical weapons ‘politicized’

Russia accuses the UN Secretariat of taking a politicized approach toward investigating reports on the use of chemical weapons in Syria.
Russian Foreign Ministry spokesman Alexander Lukashevich said in a commentary that the UN Secretariat demanded that Damascus agree to the establishment of a permanent inspection mechanism on the entire Syrian territory with unlimited access.
”The inspection system proposed is analogous to that used at the end of the previous century in Iraq, which, unlike Syria, was under UN Security Council sanctions.”
”This turnaround in the UN Secretariat’s position is nothing but a demonstration of a politicized approach,” Lukashevich said.
As a result, the investigation into the March 19 incident near Aleppo has been blocked, Lukashevich said.
”It is difficult to understand why the UN Secretariat prefers to take its cue from those who care not about concrete steps to prevent attempts to use chemical weapons in the Syrian crisis but to change the regime of a sovereign state,” it said.

english.ruvr.ru – ”Evidence” of Syrian chemical weapon use not up to U.N. standard

Assertions of chemical weapon use in Syria by Western and Israeli officials citing photos, sporadic shelling and traces of toxins do not meet the standard of proof needed for a U.N. team of experts waiting to gather their own field evidence.

sana.sy – Pushkov Warns of US Accusations of Chemical Weapons Use in Syria

Chairman of the Russian Duma’s International Affairs Committee, Alexei Pushkov, warned of the US intentions behind making accusations against the Syrian government of using chemical weapons.
In a statement posted on Twitter, Pushkov said such accusations could be used as a pretext to start a war against Syria similar to what happened in Iraq.
”The US is starting a new attack against Syria by accusing it of using chemical weapons, which is the same way Bush used in Iraq accusing it of possessing nuclear weapons as an excuse for war,” added Pushkov.
US Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel earlier claimed, according to what he said a belief by the US Intelligence, that the Syrian army has used chemical weapons ”on a small scale”.
In a contradictory statement, the US State Department spokesman Patrick Ventrell said the White House was still seeking an accurate investigation into the use of chemical weapons in Syria which can be either confirmed or dismissed simply through UN inspectors.

sana.sy – Russia, China, Iran: Intervention in Syria Would Stoke Terrorism and Worsen the Situation

Russia’s Permanent Representative to the UN, Vitaly Churkin, stressed that the European Union’s (EU) decision on importing the Syrian oil from ”the Syrian opposition” is dangerous and constitutes a violation of the norms of the international law and the Syrian sovereignty.
During his speech in the UN Security Council’s session on the Situation in the Middle East, Churkin expressed strong astonishment over the EU dangerous decision that violates the norms of the international law and the principles of national sovereignty.
He refuted the justifications of the promoters of the decision under the pretext of supporting what they call the ‘moderate opposition’, adding ”No matter how much those who created this dangerous decision attempted to propose it, there is no need to be a prophet to understand that financial flows go to the strongest armed ranks.”
The Russian diplomat clarified ”those are the extremists and radicals including al-Qaeda -linked terrorists from ‘Jabhat al-Nusra’ and they are controlling several oil fields.
Churkin warned that betting on war to the end in Syria would lead to worsening the situation and increasing the danger of terrorism, underscoring Russia’s worries of ”exporting weapons to illicit groups in Syria”.

Press TV – China opposes military intervention in Syria

Beijing disapproves of military interventions in any country and that position is also consistent and clear, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Hua Chunying said at a press briefing on Friday, Xinhua reported.
Hua called on all Syrian parties to seek a political solution as the only correct way to resolve the crisis in the Arab country, urging an immediate end to all violence there.
”China calls on the international community to make unremitting efforts to produce a political settlement on the issue in a responsible manner,” she told reporters.

Syrian information minister wraps up Russia visit

8dagar.com – Ja, sarin finns i Syrien….

Först hittar Israels underrättelsetjänst ”bevis” för att Syriens regering har använt giftgasen sarin.
Några dagar senare säger USA:s försvarsminister att han inte tror på det och så ytterligare några dagar senare att han med ”en viss grad av varierande säkerhet” har fastställt att kemiska stridsmedel – och specifikt saringas – har använts i Syrien.
Varför har då USA i praktiken stoppat den FN-undersökning av användning av kemiska stridsmedel som Syrien har begärt?

Man kan också fundera över tajmingen i Hagels utspel:
1. De båda biskopar som kidnappats i Syrien har ännu inte kommit till rätta. Om terroristerna har dödat två av Syriens högsta kyrkomän kan det inte undgå att uppröra en stor världsopinion. Det handlar om Syriens kristna minoritet (5 procent) vars liv står på spel. USA har inte kommenterat frågan utan väljer att tala om annat…
2. Bostondramat var ett hårt slag mot USA:s politik att kalla terrorister i andra länder som Syrien, Ryssland och Kina för frihetskämpar, men när smittan når USA är det plötsligt ensamma galningar. Det måste vara genant för Vita huset att deras ”demokratibistånd” i Syrien går till grupperingar som spränger deras egna medborgare i luften.
3. De syriska regeringsstyrkorna har haft framgångar på sistone och problemen i den USA-riggade Nationella koalitionen gör att utsikterna för en rebellseger i Syrien ter sig allt mer illusoriska.

english.ruvr.ru – Jordanians lash out against US troops deployment

About 300 Jordanians have demonstrated against the proposed deployment of 200 U.S. troops on their nation’s border with Syria.
Some protesters warned that the small force could be just the beginning of a process that leads to U.S. involvement in Syria’s civil war to secure its chemical weapons. Other demonstrators, backing the regime of Syrian President Bashar Assad, burned American flags.
At the Friday rally in Amman, leftists and independents chanted, ”No to U.S. troops in Jordan. This is not in our national interest.” They said they do not want to see a U.S.-led invasion of Syria like the 2003 war in neighboring Iraq, based on faulty intelligence about weapons of mass destruction there.
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