22 april

almanar.com.lb – Assad: Fighters from 23 Foreign Nationalities Are Fighting in Syria Now

According to the Lebanese daily, Assad expressed his relief regarding the developments on ground, as he indicated that the Syrian leadership’s strategy focuses on keeping Damascus and other cities under the army’s control.
“As for countryside regions, we intend to clear them out for tactical necessities; and it is better to consume them before they consume us, knowing that we are capable of regaining the region anytime we want.”
The Syrian president stressed that “the so-called “Free Syrian Army” is actually finished. We are now fighting Al-Qaeda, and there are fighters from 23 foreign nationalities fighting in Syria now.”
Assad indicated that “many sides have demanded us at the beginning of the crisis to put an end to the situation immediately. However, anyone responsible cannot deal with his land and people in this way, and if we took this action when the picture was still ambiguous, we could have lost some friends; instead we got some opponents on our side.”

english.ruvr.ru – Lavrov to discuss Syria with Kerry on Tuesday

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said he would meet with U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry on April 23 and discuss Syria.
”We had a very good conversation with John Kerry and agreed on the phone the day before yesterday to meet in Brussels tomorrow on the sidelines of the Russia-NATO Council meeting and discuss what we, Russia and the U.S., could do to encourage those who resisted the peace process that have yet to change their position,” he told a Monday press conference in Moscow.
The Russian minister said he got the impression that Washington has been inclined lately to move toward a political settlement of the Syrian conflict.
”When I spoke with John Kerry on the phone, I felt a confirmation to the inclination displayed at our earlier meetings, the inclination to search for the soonest political settlement and ways to direct the situation towards negotiations between the government and the opposition,” Lavrov observed.

Press TV – Syrian army deals major blow to militants near Damascus

Syrian soldiers have killed dozens of militants near Damascus as the army continues mop-up operations on the outskirts of the capital.
On Sunday, a number of militants were killed during intense clashes with Syrian troops in the town of Jdaidet al-Fadl, located on the western suburb of Damascus, Syria’s official news agency SANA reported.
Terrorist hideouts were also raided by the Syrian forces in the town of Daraya, which is located about eight kilometers (five miles) southwest of Damascus.

Intervju med Thierry Meyssan i en rysk TV-kanal, från den 14:e april verkar det som.

nyhetsbanken.se – EU beslutar om vapenstöd till Syriens terrorister

EU:s utrikesministrar möts på måndag i Luxemburg för att besluta att beväpna Syriens terrorister.
Tysklands utrikesminister Guido Westerwelle sade idag söndag att Berlin kommer att ha något annat val än att acceptera upphävandet av en EU:s vapenembargo mot Syrien om andra europeiska länder verkar för det.
Tyskland har fram till nu har motsatt sig att ge militärt stöd till Syriens rebeller, men Storbritannien och Frankrike driver på för att embargot ska kunna löpa ut i slutet av maj. Antagligen kommer Carl Bildt sin vana trogen att ställa upp för väpnad västintervention i form av vapenstöd till terrorister, efter att en tid ha spelat motvillig.
Den socialdemokratiska partikongressens beslut att Sverige även i framtiden – efter Afghanistan och Libyen – kan stödja militära västinterventioner vid sidan av FN bäddar för att Sverige hoppar på tåget.

jpost.com – ‘Jordan opens skies for IAF drones flying to Syria’

Jordan has opened two corridors of its airspace to Israeli Air Force drones seeking to monitor the ongoing conflict in Syria, French daily Le Figaro reported on Sunday, citing a Western military source in the Middle East.
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