20 april

Tony Cartalucci – A Bleak Look at the West’s Vision for Syria, Terrorist controlled areas are scenes of sectarian brutality, fear, kidnappings, mass murder, collective punishment, and pillaging – the obvious end game of Western-backed regime change.

Clearly, Western-backed terrorists are not just fighting the ”Assad regime,” they are fighting anyone opposed to their sectarian ideology which is both hardly ”democratic,” and hardly anything to do with ”freedom.” Predictably, unthinkable atrocities are being carried out in a wave of violence and subjugation that is leaving a broken society everywhere it sweeps through. Through the destruction of physical infrastructure, the crumbling of Syria’s institutions, and the extermination or driving out of Syria’s minorities, what the West backs as ”regime change,” is in reality calculated sectarian genocide.
In terrorist-controlled territory, we see a vignette of the ”future Syria” the West imagines – one not unlike the now dysfunctional, decimated Libya, or the totalitarian regimes of Tunisia and Egypt, both ruled by the sectarian crypto-terrorist Muslim Brotherhood.
These are purposefully imposed nightmares couched behind ”humanitarian concern” and ”democracy promotion.” It is clear that in areas the Western media claim are devoid of government troops, abuse, atrocities, tyranny, humanitarian catastrophe, and despair only increase. The rationale made by the West to continue fueling this conflict and extend this state of chaos across the entire country, poses to the rest of the world a moral imperative to not only condemn this conspiracy against the Syrian people, but to oppose it and ensure that it utterly fails.

Press TV – Syria shoots down balloon carrying US-made spying devices near Idlib

According to Syria’s official news agency, SANA, the balloon, which was equipped with US-made spying devices including cameras, was shot down over town of Maaret al-Numan on Thursday.
Syrian officials say the devices have large memory storage.

‘US arms al-Qaeda to destabilize anti-Israel states’

Intervjun med Syriens president för några dagar sen, med engelsk text

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