19 april

Press TV – Recent events in US may be prelude to attack on Syria: Webster Tarpley

But I would put this together with some other things. It is a very dangerous pattern now. It is coherent with an early attack by the US and NATO perhaps joined by Israel against Syria.
First of all, we have got Netanyahu. Yesterday afternoon, the Saudi foreign minister, Saud al-Faisal, met with Obama at the White House in an unannounced unscheduled meeting and the topic mentioned was Syria. So that would be the Saudis pushing for an attack as soon as possible.
Going back a couple of days, then we have the new Secretary of Defense Hagel – that some people thought would be some kind of a peace angel – has announced the transfer of about 200 US troops into Jordan.
Now as far as I can see, that looks like the headquarters of a division. It looks like something that could function as the headquarters of an expeditionary force by the United States perhaps against Syria.
So you put those three things together and you see that against the backdrop of this strategy of tension that we have got going on in the United States. We have got bombs; we have got letters loaded with ricin poison; we have got explosions going off; we have got again something that looks very, very similar to a classic NATO strategy of tension and it looks like that all may be a buildup to an attack on Syria. I think it is more threatening now than it has been in many, many months.


Stoppa kriget mot Syrien!

Demonstration på Medborgarplatsen i Stockholm lördagen den 20 april, kl. 12:00 – syriensolidaritet.se

Kriget och sanktionerna mot Syrien drabbar civilbefolkningen mycket hårt. En fredlig lösning på konflikten, i enlighet med FN:s fredsplan, omöjliggörs av de vapenleveranser och det logistiska och finansiella stöd som USA, Turkiet, Qatar, Saudiarabien, m.fl. ger till beväpnade grupper och utländska krigare i Syrien. Det utländska stödet också till religiösa sekterister riskerar den fredliga samlevnaden mellan människor av skilda religioner i hela regionen.

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