18 april

Verkligt hotfulla signaler plötsligt! Världssamfundet måste ta sig samman, och sätta ner foten, och göra allt för att förhindra att den tungt beväpnade vaneförbrytaren USA ställer till med (ännu) en verklig katastrof!

nyhetsbanken.se, 200 USA-soldater skickas till Jordanien i ett mönster som enligt experter påminner om förberedelserna 2003 i Saudiarabien för invasionen av IrakUSA skickar trupper till Jordanien

USA kommer att sända 200 soldater till Jordanien under de kommande veckorna i ett försök att ”stödja landets försvar”, säger Washington.
Uttalandet kom på onsdagen från USA: s försvarsminister Chuck Hagel i kongressen. Han sade att utplaceringen kommer ”bistå strävandena att hejda våldet vid den syriska gränsen”, samt förbereda bekämpning av eventuella hot om användning av kemiska vapen i Syrien.

Press TV – US plans Syria invasion via Jordan with 20,000 soldiers

The US military is deploying more forces to Jordan as part of a plan to dispatch 20,000 more soldiers there in a bid to invade Syria under the pretext of securing the country’s chemical weapon arsenals.
The Pentagon is sending nearly 200 troops from the 1st Armored Division to establish a “small headquarters” near Jordan’s border with Syria and plan potential military operations, “including a rapid buildup of American forces if the White House decides intervention is necessary,” The Los Angeles Times reports on Thursday, citing ‘senior US officials.’

Tony Cartalucci – Surreal: US Troops Stage in Jordan to Defend Al Qaeda in Syria, Massive US arms/aid deliveries prop up Al Qaeda in Syria, while US troops stage in Jordan to defend terrorists they spent last decade fighting.

CNN reports that some 200 US troops are staging along Syria’s border, this as reports reveal huge amounts of US-provided flour smuggled into Syria have formed the foundation of Al Qaeda’s public relations strategy. Together with huge amounts of US-provided weapons, the aid is fueling Al Qaeda’s continued operations and atrocities inside Syria. The addition of US troops along Syria’s border appears to be a response to recent and significant gains made by the Syrian government in stamping out terrorist operations nationwide.

Al-Qaeda, US irregular infantry in Syria: Webster Tarpley

So we have now got the prospective of the Mediterranean becoming a terrorist lake between the terrorist bases in Libya which is spreading out across the Sahara into Algeria, into Mali, into other nearby countries and then the future terrorist regime that NATO and the United States are devoted to installing in Syria, from which of course, then al-Qaeda will reach out into Turkey and Jordan and these other countries that were mentioned.
So this is one of the most colossal hypocrisies of the age and it also shows the absolute fanatical recklessness of the US ruling class because this is something that you cannot get away with. It is just beyond belief

english.ruvr.ru – Lavrov.. We Understand Reasons which push Brahimi to Resign

Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said that he has received with a high understanding reports about the intention of the international Envoy to Syria Lakhdar Brahimi to resign, wondering ”how can a professional man behave in contrary to this if one of the two organizations which commissioned him to hold discussions between the authority and opposition, the Arab League , abandons any form of support.”
”The Arab League has considered the Syrian government as illegitimate in Damascus and gave representation to the opposition coalition which doesn’t represent even the whole opposition, at the same time it has taken a decision to arm the opposition,” Lavrov said in a statement to journalists.

reuters.com – Assad’s forces break rebel blockade in north Syria

Syrian government troops have broken through a six-month rebel blockade in northern Syria and are now fighting to recapture a vital highway, opposition and state media said on Monday.

Tony Cartalucci – US Military Aid Falls into Al Qaeda’s Hands in Syria by Design, Not Chance

Huge amounts of US-provided flour smuggled into northern Syria (see image below) have formed the foundation of Al Qaeda’s public relations strategy, the Washington Post and London Telegraph reveal. Together with huge amounts of US-provided weapons, the aid is fueling Al Qaeda’s continued operations and atrocities inside Syria.
Recently it was revealed that the US, UK, and France, through Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Turkey, and other regional allies, have been funneling cash and thousands of tons of weapons into Syria – the vast majority of which have ended up in the hands of Al Qaeda’s Syrian franchise, Jabhat al-Nusra.

US deploys 200 troops to Jordan-Syria border ‘to curb violence’, Conn Hallinan from Foreign Policy in Focus thinks Washington’s move jeopardizes any chance for peace in the country.

sana-syria.com – Al-Jaafari: Syria Won’t Allow a Second Sykes-Picot to Pass

Syria’s Permanent Representative to the UN, Bashar al-Jaafari, stressed that the Syrian people, who have contributed to the making of history over thousands of years, will not allow anyone to encroach upon their sovereignty, dignity, political independence and national unity.
Speaking at a Security Council session on Thursday, al-Jaafari said Syria was in the third place internationally in terms of security but an internationally- and Gulf-backed element of destruction represented in the terrorist groups with takfiri thinking worked to sabotage the atmosphere of security in Syria.
He slammed some countries hosting displaced Syrians over trying to bargain on them and prevent them from returning home.
He noted that there are subversive forces that seek to sabotage the social agreement in our region and displace full components of our communities.
”Syria will not allow a second Sykes-Picot [Agreement] to pass at the expense of the region’s peoples,” said al-Jaafari, affirming that Syria will be the strongest circle in confronting the attempts to impose any new reality alien to the region.
He stressed that the Syrian government is determined to implement the political solution through a Syrian-led national dialogue.

Syria News 18.4.2013, President Bashar al-Assad’s interview with Alikhbaria TV
* Al-Jaafari: Syria supports efforts of ending sexual abuse and Won’t Allow a Second Sykes-Picot to Pass
* Iran’s Defense Minister: Foreign Intervention in Syria Would Be an Explosion in Middle East
* Churkin: UN Report Ignores Terrorist Groups’ Responsibility for Sexual Crimes in Syria

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