14 april

And all the while, the Western mainstream media, with their pretentious claims of free-thinking and speech, act as the dutiful fog machine, hiding the facts, blurring reality and choking any questions that might reveal the grotesque obscenity of what the Western regimes are up to…

Stycket ovan kommer från Finian Cunninghams nya artikel – Syria: human disaster made by West

Syria is a humanitarian disaster made by the West. And, to add massive insult to the massive injury, there is not even a token of aid to the millions of Western-generated victims. Indeed, the West is too busy creating more victims and suffering to expedite its pathological imperialist agenda in Syria and the wider region

Intervju med Bouthaina Shaaban, rådgivare åt Syriens president – Syria to be ‘first to usher in Arab world’s new dawn’

RT: President Assad has appealed to the BRICS countries to intervene and stop the crisis in Syria. What more can BRICS countries do other than Russia and China to help this conflict? Is there anything else to do?
BS: I think the BRICS countries can make a very firm international stand for stopping violence in Syria – something like what President Putin said on Tuesday in Germany, that violence has to be stopped by all sides and then they have to get round the table and the Syrian people should themselves decide their future. We can’t deny now that the Syrian crisis has the regional and the international level. Unless these two levels are sorted out and unless there is a real intention to stop the crisis by these two levels it’s very difficult stop it inside Syria because this crisis is fed and financed by both regional and international forces.

syrianews.cc – Syria: Human Rights Watch (HRW) with another Propaganda Stunt

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