11 april

english.ruvr.ru – Arab League derails mediation efforts in Syria – Lavrov

The Arab League has derailed mediation efforts to resolve the conflict in Syria by offering Damascus’s seat to the Syrian National Coalition for Opposition and Revolutionary Forces. This was stated by Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov in an interview for RTVI.
According to him, Russia is the only country that is prepared to meet with all forces of Syrian society, in Syria and abroad. The fact that the Arab League has licensed weapons supplies to the opposition, ”violates all conceivable international norms and laws,” said the diplomat.
According to him, Moscow has long been trying to ”defuse the situation” in Syria. ”But as soon as the slightest glimmer of hope emerges” someone immediately does everything to ”once again derail the situation, in the direction of a war to the bitter end,” said Lavrov. In that scenario, there will not be a winner, believes the minister.

Sharmine Narwani – Shipping Death and Destruction to Syria

So what’s stopping regional and international players from slapping a total arms embargo on Syria to prevent more death and destruction? Russian President Vladimir Putin, an ally of the Syrian government, last week again called for a halt to weapon flows ”to all sides of the conflict.”
Yet calls to increase weapons to Syria’s disparate militias still continue every day from other members of the UN’s Security Council. France, the UK and the US (FUKUS) – who claim they do not directly arm the rebels – have collectively provided hundreds of millions of dollars in “non-lethal assistance” to – er – make them more lethal.
Hiding behind a much-touted public posture of “non-intervention,” all three have in fact “intervened” militarily in the Syrian conflict – from training rebel forces, to providing them with military intelligence in preparation for battle, to actually coordinating and transporting weapons into the hands of militiamen.

Even in early 2011, it was obvious that regime-change would need some help in Syria. From the first weeks, gunmen shot out at security forces from within peaceful protests; snipers targeted vulnerable civilians in areas where these deaths would have maximum impact; groups of armed men attacked army checkpoints, on and off-duty security forces, and pro-government civilians.

It took a very long time to concede that there are foreign jihadists in the battle – a story that went from “regime lies!” to “there are only a handful” to “yes, okay, a few dozen” to “thousands” today.

Christof Lehmann – UN report reveals Libya as hub for arms deliveries to insurgents in Syria and Mali, fails to identify state sponsors of terrorism and elicits systemic flaws of UN System

Deep Systemic Crisis of the UN Security Council and UN System as a whole is not surprising and warrants urgent and comprehensive reform. The failure of the report to, at the very least, refer to the proliferation of weapons via Libya to terrorist organizations as one part of a larger problem, and the failure to recommend a thorough investigation of this wider context, is representative for the deep systemic crisis of the UN Security Council and the UN System as a whole.
One obvious example for “what” is wrong with the UN Security Council is the fact, that one of its permanent members, the USA, is publishing a training circular for special forces and “foreign students”, in which it step by step details how to subvert a stable country to bring about regime change. In the introduction of the training circular, the TC 18-01, which was published in 2010, one can read, that the USA, for the foreseeable future, will predominantly be involved in unconventional warfare. (10 This overt admission of the fact, that the USA has made the subversion of sovereign nations a predominant part of its military strategy is, as long as it remains unaddressed and unchallenged by the United Nations, direct evidence for the fact that the UN fails to protect the sovereignty of its member states. It is also direct evidence for the fact that superpowers can overtly admit to the most serious crimes as “strategy” while there is no mechanism to oppose the despotic arrogance.

english.ruvr.ru – Syria hirelings get drug trafficking funds – Russian official

Some 20,000 hirelings fighting in Syria are supported with the money earned in Afghan heroin trafficking, Russia’s drug control chief Viktor Ivanov told journalists in Moscow on Thursday.
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