7 april

Den syriska regeringen begärde att en opartisk undersökning skulle göras efter den attack med kemiska vapen som genomfördes den 19:e mars, då över 20 människor dödades. Västländerna har försenat beslut om en sådan och verkar vilja göra om den till att undersökningar ska göras även av andra platser, där ”rebell”-grupper hävdat att regeringstrupperna ska ha använt kemiska vapen. Det finns all anledning att utfärda högsta varning för att en västtillsatt grupp på diverse sätt skulle missbruka en sådan undersökning och fabricera ”bevis” för att regeringstrupperna använt sådana vapen!

Press TV – Russia slams expansion of UN WMD probe in Syria

The Russian Foreign Ministry said in a Saturday statement that the UN Secretariat under the pressure of certain states “has adopted an unconstructive and inconsistent stance and is basically disrupting the investigation into particular reports of the possible use of chemical weapons in Syria on March 19, which could be verified at this stage.”
The statement added that the UN probe should only focus on the reports by the Syrian government regarding the use of chemical weapons by the militants in Syria.
Referring to the US-led invasion of Iraq in 2003, the statement added, “Such [an] approach reminds of the policy towards using weapons of mass destruction in Iraq. The policy was based on deliberately false data and led to common consequences.”

Russia Today – US ‘fueling and orchestrating’ war crime against people of Syria

Russia has accused the UN of yielding to the pressure of “certain states” and disrupting the investigation into what Moscow says are perfectly verifiable claims, all in order to further condemn the regime of President Bashar Assad, while victimizing rebels. The attack in question took place on March 19 and has claimed the lives of 25 people, with blame being directed both ways.
Sara Flounders, who is the head of the International Action Center in New York, is adamantly opposed to the drumming up of any charges as a pretext for intervention or invasion. She recalls the lessons of Iraq and Libya – both now completely destitute and without properly-functioning governments. Finally, Flounders believes that the US is putting the region’s people in mortal danger by supplying extremists in the area with weapons for the purpose of bringing about regime change in Syria.

Christof Lehmann – Assad; Syria Crisis marks the End of the Uni-polar World and the Rise of the BRICS as Global Power

In a televised interview with the Turkish channel Ulsal Kanal, the Syrian President, Bashar al-Assad accused Turkey of supporting terrorists in Syria. In the interview, al-Assad stressed, that western countries have no right to establish democracy in Syria as they bear responsibility for homicide in the country and the region.
The Syrian President continued the interview, stating, that the crisis in Syria is not a local but an international crisis, and that he believes, that the crisis is an artifact of a struggle between large countries of the world, for changing the existing state borders in the region. The crisis in Syria is as much an international crisis, Assad said, as it is a war that is being waged against his country by the international community.
Al-Assad emphasized, that the establishment of the BRICS has sent the signal to the whole world, that the USA no longer can remain the sole pole of global power, and that others will now have to bear in mind the opinion and interests of the BRICS countries. He continued stating, that the BRICS countries were not assisting his government or the Syrian state per se, but that they instead made an effort for stability in the region.

Aleppo, the Castle – A documentary revealing crucial facts of the war of AleppoThis is a documentary of 7 parts, broadcasted by Syria TV, with subtitles in English, about the war launched by the Islamist fighters in Aleppo

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