3 april

En ny värdefull artikel från Christof Lehmann – Syrian Political Program for Conflict Resolution a Proving Stone for Civilized Humanity – som bör läsas, liksom den av Arab Souri som det länkades till i inlägget 31 mars nedan, vilken också ger bilden att president Bashar al-Assad står för en genuin vilja att förändra Syrien i riktning mot mer demokrati (jag tvekar att använda det ordet, det är alltför missbrukat och förstört).

There is one significant distinction between the Syrian government and domestic opposition on one hand, and the foreign backed opposition on the other with regard to conflict resolution. While the first have spent months, developing a feasible political program, using democratic principles, the latter has been through one crisis after the other over jealous struggles for power before ever attaining a position of power in Syria.
The political program of the “Syrian Opposition” is as non-existent as a coherent, foreign-backed Syrian political or military opposition. Is the lack of any actual political program so embarrassing, that nobody has ever analyzed the political program which the Syrian government and the real Syrian opposition, which represent the people of Syria have agreed upon ?
The following analysis is an attempt to remedy the shortcoming, to lend o voice to the people of Syria, and a guaranty for, that international law and civilization as we know them will be exploded at their roots, unless the international community affords Syria and the Syrian people the adequate protection against terrorism and state sponsored terrorism which they are entitled to by international law.

A final assessment. After reading the full program, after having detailed the enormous democratic project the people of Syria have embarked upon, and after seeing why neither the Muslim Brotherhood, the Wahhabi – Salafist terrorists which have been exported to Syria by the “Friends of Syria” and why neither the USA, Qatar, Saudi-Arabia, Turkey or any other of the belligerent stakeholders can or will endorse the Geneva Declaration or the genuine democratic project of the Syrian people, there is only one possible conclusion which would be in accordance with international law.
That Russia, China, India, South Africa, Iran and any other nation nation are bound to support the democratic process in Syria, and to afford Syria and the people of Syria protection against illegitimate interference into the nations internal affairs.
That the international community has to abide by international law and to afford the nation and the people of Syria protection against terrorism and state-sponsored terrorism in all of its forms.
That the international community has to abide by international law and investigate the violations of international law by the governments of the USA, Qatar, Turkey, Saudi-Arabia, Libya, the U.A.E., and any other government whose representatives have been party to the most severe violations of international law.
Failure to afford the nation and the people of Syria all protection which can be afforded to them by international law would constitute an unprecedented deterioration of international law at its very foundation and guaranties not only the collapse of international institutions, but a global deterioration into anarchy, barbarism and tyranny. Syria is the proving ground for the survival of civilized humanity.

sana-syria.com – Al-Jaafari..Arms’ Treaty Draft Resolution didn’t Include Ban on Supplying Weapons to Terrorist Groups

Syria’s permanent Envoy to the UN Bashar al-Jaafari said that Syria supports the global approach towards building an international community free of using force, prevailed by principles of the UN charter based on justice, equality and peace.

”The Syrian delegation finds itself forced, after using up all ways of dialogue and persuasion, to vote against the draft resolution and the text of the treaty as mentioned in the document 580 AL/67 A,” al-Jaafari said.
He added that the treaty ignored a proposal by a number of countries, among them Syria, to include an article that refers to the foreign occupation and the peoples’ right which live under occupation of self-determination, and as you know the Israeli occupation still occupies Arab territories in the Syrian Golan, Palestine and Lebanon.
”The text doesn’t include a frank paragraph on the categorically ban of supplying weapons to the armed terrorist groups and members. ” al-Jaafari said.
He added that that ignoring this dangerous issue which my country is suffering from due to providing the armed terrorist groups with arms by some countries is completely unacceptable by Syria as it is considered a flagrant violation of the international principles and charters with the aim of liquidating any hope of a political and peaceful solution to the crisis in Syria, based on the UN Security Council resolutions No. 2042 and 2043.

Ghaleb Kandil 18 mars – The American plan of the last minute

The painful truth that the secretary of state John Kerry finally accepted is that any solution in Syria is a defeat for the United States, the West, the petrodollars kings and Turkey. Also, Washington and his allies try to circumvent this solution by announcing their intention to arm the terrorist gangs and threatening to widen the battlefield before sitting down at the negotiating table in a Russian-American summit which date will be soon, according to diplomats.

the United States remains tempted by the plan of the last minute, trying to change the internal balance of power in Syria in preparation for the start of negotiations. This is a desperate move to avoid total political defeat. It is in this context that we should interpret the training of Syrian terrorists by U.S. instructors in Jordan, sending 3,000 tons of weapons purchased in Croatia by Saudi Arabia and Qatar, and scenarios on a Israeli intervention in order to build a security zone in Syria, entrusted to terrorists.

Sharmine Narwani – BRICS Summit draws clear red lines on Syria, Iran

And on Syria, the BRICS fully backed the Geneva principles as the framework for resolving the two-year conflict:
“We believe that the Joint Communiqué of the Geneva Action Group provides a basis for resolution of the Syrian crisis and reaffirm our opposition to any further militarization of the conflict. A Syrian-led political process leading to a transition can be achieved only through broad national dialogue that meets the legitimate aspirations of all sections of Syrian society and respect for Syrian independence, territorial integrity and sovereignty as expressed by the Geneva Joint Communiqué and appropriate UNSC resolutions.”
The BRICS positions on Iran and Syria cannot, however, be viewed solely within the parameters of the summit’s declaration. For starters, the statement is nothing new – the BRICS have been advocating these points in some form or another since they issued their first foreign policy communiqué in November 2011.

On his flight back from Durban to Moscow last Thursday, Putin ordered surprise large-scale military maneuvers in the Black Sea, which borders Syrian-foe Turkey – a move most observers took as a warning for foreign interventionists in Syria.

Thierry Meyssan – Syria seen from Russia

In Moscow, the pro-western intelligentsia see the war in Syria as a distant conflict in which the Kremlin has aligned the country with the wrong side to maintain a useless naval base in Tartus.
Conversely, Putin sees the war as an episode of a conflict which, by virtue of the ”Brzezinski doctrine”, has pitted since 1978 the Western-Islamist grand coalition against the USSR and then Russia. For the Kremlin, there is no doubt that the jihadists, who learned the ropes in the Middle East, will soon continue their destructive enterprise in Chechnya, Ingushetia and Dagestan. From this point of view, the fall of Syria would be immediately followed by the burning of the Russian Caucasus. Therefore support for the Syrian Arab Republic is not an exotic fad but a national security imperative.
With this in mind, the Kremlin’s expectations towards Syria are only stronger. During the interviews I have had with several Russian leaders during a visit to Moscow, I heard several criticisms.
1 – Moscow does not understand why Damascus has not taken any legal and diplomatic action to assert its rights. The Syrian Foreign Minister takes a defensive stance when attacked before the U.N. Council of Human Rights in Geneva and fails to defend its image. It could easily reverse this trend by bringing a complaint against its attackers before the International Court of Justice, as was once done successfully by Nicaragua against the United States. Of course the objective would not to obtain a conviction by France, the United Kingdom, Turkey, Qatar and Saudi Arabia, which could take place only after three to four years of procedure, but to reverse the rhetoric of the Security Council.
The filing of this complaint should be followed by a letter to the Security Council affirming the right of Syria to respond to its attackers. This letter would open the possibility for groups of Syrian Arab fighters to undertake their own armed actions from London to Doha.

Press TV – US, Jordan expand training of Syria militants: Report

The Washington Post said on Wednesday that the training of some 3,000 militants from the terrorist Free Syrian Army, which began in 2012, had been “expanded and accelerated.”
The Post quoted Jordanian security officials as saying that the training was scheduled to be completed by the end of June, but it had been moved up to the end of April.
The establishment of the buffer zone is aimed at converting areas under the control of militants into a permanent haven for the armed groups, the report said.
US and Jordanian officials said the creation of the buffer zone had not yet started as Washington and other international backers of the militants refused to provide air cover for militant outposts.

Press TV – Turkish premier says no word of truth about Syria crisis: Assad

“Erdogan has not said a single word of truth since the beginning of the crisis in Syria,” Assad said in an interview with the Turkish media which was posted on the web on Wednesday.
Turkey has openly voiced support for militants fighting against the Syrian government since the beginning of the ongoing unrest in the Arab country.
Damascus says Ankara is playing a key role in fueling the turmoil in Syria by financing, training and arming the foreign-sponsored militants.
The Syrian president also condemned the deadly attack on a mosque in Damascus that killed dozens of people, including a top Sunni cleric Mohammed Saeed al-Bouti, on March 21.
Assad described the killing of Sheikh Bouti as part of a plan to sow “sectarian strife” in the Arab country.
“There is no doubt that the role of clerics, including Dr. Bouti, was key to ensuring the failure of a covert plan to create sectarian strife. That’s why they assassinated Dr. Bouti,” the Syrian president added.

english.ruvr.ru – Syria – talks are an alternative to dead end

Announcer: Russian political scientists have been warning the EU about the danger of soldiers of fortune fighting in Syria for a long time. Russian experts have repeatedly said that the militants’ headquarters from where they are sent to Syria is based in Turkey, expert Boris Dolgov from the Institute of Oriental Studies at the Russian Academy of Sciences told The Voice of Russia.
”These headquarters are supervised by the NATO and Turkish special services. At present it is clear that the radical opposition is a creature of some forces outside Syria. The militarisation and aggravation of the conflict are also the result of outside support. The only way to start a political process is stopping financial aid to the Syrian opposition, stopping arms deliveries and sending no more foreign mercenaries.”
Analysts point out that at present the Syrian confrontation has reached a dead end. The opposition would not be able to occupy Damascus and overthrow ‘the bloody regime’ without foreign interference. Bashar al-Assad, on his part, could not stop the flow of mercenaries coming to Syria through Turkey and Jordan, in spite of support from the population and the professional army. It is high time to agree to a stand-off and start talks. Official Damascus has been prepared for this for a long time.

almanar.com.lb – Syrian Rebels Join Chechen-led Army: No Difference between Syria and Russia

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