2 april

Det görs redan upp planer för vad som ska göras i Syrien efter Assads fall! FN ska användas av västs bank-finans-olje-militär-industriella komplex. Kanske för att så långt det är möjligt försöka hålla en bild uppe av USA som hjälpligt anständigt, eller så finns det planer för USA’s militär på annat håll, Nordkorea, Afrika, Iran? Och en svensk har utsetts till den post Paul Bremer hade i Irak efter invasionen där!

Scott Creighton – “Syria – The Day After”: A Globalist UN Plan for a Neoliberalized Post Assad Syria Based on East Timor Model

Jan Eliasson has been selected by the U.N. to head up what effectively amounts to another Coalition Provisional Authority which we installed in Iraq a month after we illegally invaded the nation.

This is what the people of Syria have to look forward to if the United States and her allies are successful in destabilizing their country.
The United Nations has no business building nations. It is well beyond the scope of their original charter. But like many institutions before it, certain elements of the U.N. have been hijacked by neoliberal zealots and global financial interests.
It is fair to say that given his history and financial ties, Jan Eliasson is about to become Syria’s Paul Bremer and that should never be allowed by the international community. He will influence law and the economic structure of the country to profit his companies and the international banking cartels led by such upstanding institutions like HSBC which he already has deep ties to.

aljazeera.com – Analysis: World plans for a post-Assad Syria, Countries around the globe are drawing up strategies for Syria in case the armed conflict takes a decisive turn.

Conversations in recent weeks with ministers, ambassadors, international leaders and military commanders make clear that detailed planning is now being carried out for what comes next.

The United Nations has a project codenamed ”Syria – The Day After”. Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon has put his deputy, Jan Elliason, in charge of the response. After wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, the US and its North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) allies have no appetite to get directly involved in the reconstruction of Syria, meaning that by default, the UN will probably have to take the lead.

Here is what the main stakeholders in Syria are planning in the event of a major change in the conflict:
The United Nations has a project codenamed ”Syria – The Day After”. Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon has put his deputy, Jan Elliason, in charge of the response. After wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, the US and its North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) allies have no appetite to get directly involved in the reconstruction of Syria, meaning that by default, the UN will probably have to take the lead….

Military planners are left with the unenviable task of ”second-guessing” their political masters. They know that when there is eventually an abrupt shift on the ground in Syria, events could suddenly move extremely fast, in which case they will need to have plans.

Det verkar som att hårda strider rasar efter att ”rebellerna” försetts med än skarpare vapen. Är det så att väst strategi nu är att mer direkt hjälpa till på slagfältet, medan medierna ligger lågt ett tag i väntan på ett avgörande skede då FN ”måste” gå in för att inte fullt kaos ska utbryta? Kanske efter att man lyckats mörda Assad?
Syrian Perspective

The fighting is very intense all over the Aleppo countryside and inside part of Aleppo. New weapons being supplied by NATO are being uncovered by SAA and MI. Yesterday, a 57mm cannon was destroyed, for example. Also, at Bustaan Al-Baasha and Shaykh Maqsood, SAA seized 2 missile launchers, 2 howitzers and a large collection of IEDs, all with a 50-100kg payload. These weapons have a Croatian origin.

Patrik Paulov – Ska Sverige delta i krig mot Syrien?

Frågan om en svensk insats i ett krig mot Syrien kan tyckas verklighetsfrämmande. Men faktum är att en militär invasion, i strid med folkrätten, är något som Socialdemokraternas ledning förespråkar.
En fråga som diskuteras på Socialdemokraternas kongress är utrikes- och säkerhetspolitiken. Partistyrelsens utlåtande är på samma gång skrämmande och avslöjande. Det inleds med ett försvar av FN och folkrätten för att snabbt glida över i möjligheten att åsidosätta både världsorganisationen och internationell lag.
”För alla fredsbevarande operationer som Sverige deltar i ska det finnas ett tydligt folkrättsligt mandat. Ett mandat givet av FN:s säkerhetsråd ska alltid eftersträvas… Men vid extrema nödsituationer, som utgör hot mot internationell fred och säkerhet men inte medför åtgärder från FN:s säkerhetsråd, kan inte världen stå passiv”, skriver partistyrelsen i avsnittet Internationella insatser.
Detta väcker frågor. Vilka är de extrema nödsituationerna? Vem eller vilka ska tolka när sådana uppstått? Vilka krafter, utöver Sverige, utgör den ”värld” som ska agera när FN inte gör det?

english.ruvr.ru – Russian MP accuses West of enacting Libya scenario in Syria

The West has embarked on a modified Libyan scenario in Syria to depose Bashar Al-Assad through supporting and arming the rebels, Chairman of the Russian State Duma Foreign Affairs Committee Alexei Pushkov said on Tuesday.
The Syrian rebels are actually already getting military aid. Meanwhile, France and Britain made clear they could supply arms openly and directly after the EU arms embargo against Syria expires in late May.
The United States, though not directly involved in the process, is playing a major coordinating role. It is no secret that U.S. instructors are training Syrian militants at bases in Jordan, Pushkov said.

Press TV – Scores of foreign-backed militants slain on Damascus outskirts

Syrian Army soldiers have killed dozens of foreign-sponsored militants during mop-up operations on the outskirts of the capital Damascus.
On Monday, a number of militants were killed during intense clashes with Syrian troops in the town of Yelda, located on the southern outskirts of Damascus, the official SANA news agency reported.
The Syrian forces also engaged in a firefight with gunmen in the Najha area, and killed scores of them in the process.
In addition, several terrorist hideouts were raided by the Syrian forces during mop-up operations in the towns of al-Hejjeira and al-Ziyabiyeh. Dozens of foreign-backed gunmen were killed and a large amount of weapons were also destroyed.

Video från Press TVSyria is caught in the grips of what that can only be described as its most violent phase in history. Armed dissidents along with foreign mercenaries fight the Assad’s administration. While both sides claim legitimacy and popular support, only one is backed by the West and has pledged allegiance to “the State of Israel”. Freedom is muffled, innocence is maimed, and ruins are piling up in this country.

PRESS TV has had the chance to provide its viewers with first-hand accounts and documentary films on brutality and the full-blown civil war as it unravels in this country.

Jim W Dean – Arab League’s part in Syria violence

I watched in utter amazement last week as the so-called Arab League endorsed the external overthrow of a member state, which involves not only other member states’ funding of arms smuggling, but their supporting terrorism against the Syrian people.
Bashar al-Assad was one the Arab League had no problem with previously. So why the change of policy now?

english.ruvr.ru – Russia to send humanitarian cargo to Syrian refugees in Lebanon

A Russian Emergencies Ministry plane is due to deliver a 30-ton humanitarian cargo to Syrian refugees in Lebanon on April 3, the Ministry’s spokeswoman Irina Rossius said on Tuesday.
According to the UN Refugee Agency, there are more than 340,000 Syrian refugees in Lebanon.

ANNA: A Small Battle of a Big War – Part I: A Trap (with Subtitles), This footage from the Abkhazian Network News Agency (ANNA) is the first part of Darayya street battles, documenting war scenes from the perspective of the Syrian Armydel 2

Nusra Front Brainwashing Syrian Children

Disturbing footage of Jabhat Al Nusra insurgents using propaganda to brainwash children with their Jihadist ideals. Hatred of non-Muslims and contempt of democracy being just two of them. Several young children, some of whom have already been compelled to cover from head to toe are filmed singing songs in honour of Jabhat Al Nusra which also condemn ‘kuffars’ and their ideals while pledging loyalty to Jihad and Jabhat Al Nusra – Syria’s major Al Qaeda front group.
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