1 april

Press TV – Violence wreaks havoc on life of Syrian nation

At least seven people were injured after foreign-backed militants launched a mortar attack and struck the Ush al-Warwar suburb near the capital Damascus.
Meanwhile inside Damascus, a bomb attached to a car went off, leaving the driver injured and causing material damage.
Elsewhere in Damascus, Jobar Synagogue ,a 2,000 year-old holy site, has been damaged in an area previously controlled by insurgents.
Syrian officials and activists said at least six mortars had hit the synagogue and some objects were stolen from inside the building.

Syria’s armed opposition moves closer to self-destruction: Naser al-Omari, Press TV has interviewed Naser al-Omari, writer and political commentator from New York – video

Press TV: How do you analyze the infighting among the insurgents and ultimately how would it affect the situation on the ground?
al-Omari: Disagreements have been occurring inside Syria among the various groups and I think it’s also fuelled by the rivalry between the outside opposition to secure positions of power inside Syria.
You also have these players: the neighboring countries as well as global powers playing a role now in Syria. It’s a messy situation; there is no way to figure out who is fighting who at this point.
And it’s very, very unfortunate when you hear that oil wells are also being set ablaze, which is a very, very sorry situation for the Syrian people when they die for no apparent reason.

Syria and the Chemical Weapons Hoax
James Corbett of corbettreport.com joins Gary Franchi of WHDT9 on the Next News Network to discuss recent reports of chemical weapons attacks in Syria. They also talk about the new so-called Syrian Prime Minister-in-exile, the possibility of war in the region, and the implications of the government-media nexus.

CIA agents, US army vets fight under al-Qaeda command in Syria: Gurdon Duffvideo

What we know is that the weapons that this young man is accused of using came through Turkey; they were supplied by NATO, there is no question about this, the group is claimed by the United States…. if you want to accuse him of something he could just as easily have been arrested if he’d failed to shoot at Syrian army helicopters. I have no idea what the crime is here other than it appears that the CIA and FBI don’t know what each of them is doing. Which by the way it’s not the first time that that’s happened.
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