26 mars

Hur ska Ryssland och Kina kunna förhindra att undersökningen i FN-regi, som ska utreda om kemiska vapen användes förra veckan i Khan al-Assal utanför Aleppo, missbrukas och förvanskas till att användas mot Syriens regering!? Se bara hur Nato-media beskriver det idag! Och jämför med artikeln jag länkade till för ett par dagar sen – Syria chemical weapons: finger pointed at jihadists

Press TV – West using UN probe in Syria chemical attack to oust Assad: Russia

Ban Ki-moon, under pressure from Western members of the Council, took the unjustified step of broadening the mandate of the mission, trying to set as its task the investigation of all other supposed cases of chemical weapons use in Syria,” the ministry said.
Russia has voiced support for the Syrian government’s call for an independent inquiry into the chemical attack conducted by militants in the northwestern province of Aleppo on March 19.
However, Western members of the UN Security Council, including France and the UK, demand claims of the Syrian opposition also be investigated. Syria’s opposition bloc says there have been two chemical weapons attacks, one in Aleppo and another in the capital, Damascus.

english.ruvr.ru – US wants Russia and China to partake in UN probe into Syria chemical attack

For his part, Russian Foreign Ministry spokesman Alexander Lukashevich urged UN chief Ban Ki-moon “to show a responsible approach to providing an objectivity of the probe into this specific incident in Syria.”
He warned against politicizing the process of forming the UN’s technical mission in Syria, something that Lukashevich said should be based on an unbiased approach and stipulate the participation of representatives of Russia and China.

english.ruvr.ru –Damascus comes under fire – sana-syria.com – Terrorists launch mortar shells on al-Baramkeh, one of them fall near SANA, Four Workers Martyred

On Tuesday, Damascus’s central districts came under heavy mortar fire. Several people were killed and several others wounded.
One of the shells hit the access control department of Syria’s state-owned news agency SANA and caused fire. At least one person was killed and several were injured.
Two other shells exploded near the city’s university and near a maternity home in the district of Baramk.

nyhetsbanken.se – 160 plan fulla med vapen

På måndagen uppgav New York Times att USA:s vapenstöd till terroristerna i Syrien har pågått ända sedan i fjol. Vapnen levereras via ombud genom främst Turkiet.
Den ”luftbro, som började i liten skala i början av 2012” har vuxit till ”omfatta mer än 160 militära fraktflygningar med jordanska, saudiarabiska och qatariska militärflygplan till Esenboga Airport i närheten av Ankara, och, i mindre utsträckning, till andra turkiska och jordanska flygplatser.”
Enligt Russia Today bekräftas uppgifterna av fredsforskningsinstitutet SIPRI i Stockholm, som även uppger att det handlar om kvantiteter på 3 500 ton.
Om man tänker sig att hela lasten var Kalasjnikovgevär skulle det gå in en miljon vapen!
Detta ”vattenfall av vapen”, för att citera en tjänsteman, organiseras och övervakas av CIA, skriver NYT: ”Från kontor på hemliga platser, har amerikanska underrättelseofficerare hjälpt arabiska regeringar handla vapen, inklusive en stor upphandling från Kroatien, och har granskat rebellbefälhavare och grupper för att avgöra vem som ska få vapen som de anländer.”
NYT citerar en analytiker: ”Intensiteten och frekvensen av dessa flygningar tyder på en väl planerad och samordnad hemlig militär logistik.”

Christof Lehmann – US Weapons Deliveries to “Terrorists in Syria” a Systematic Violation of the Convention against the Use of Mercenaries

As much as the New York Times (NYT) may want to portray arms shipments by plane as spectacular incident, it hardly touches the surface of the criminal attempt of the USA and NATO allies, Saudi-Arabia, Qatar, Israel, post-coup Libya and other, to systematically manufacture a low intensity conflict with the help of well financed and armed proxies, and with the purposes to prevent the completion of the PARS gas-pipeline, to balkanize Syria and Iraq, create a Kurdish Corridor, and to create the precondition for a war on Iran and other conflicts along the soft, resource rich soft underbelly of Russia and China.

One fact that makes statements by the US administration, that it only provides non-lethal aid particularly deceitful is the fact that the Obama administration failed to respond to a report, according to which an entire shipload of weapons which had arrived to Turkey from Libya, and which contained large numbers of shoulder fired SAM-7 and Stinger Surface to Air Missiles, which were then distributed to insurgents in Syria by Turkish, that is NATO military officers. In September 2012 The Times, SANA and nsnbc reported about this largest yet documented shipload of weapons delivered to Syrian insurgents. (11

The NYT article, although it discloses some of the illegal deliveries of weapons is problematic and misleading to the extend that a correct name for the arms deliveries would be “Arms Deliveries to NATO mercenaries”.
The “terrorist” narrative is no longer viable and it eventually prevents the general public from understanding that the USA/NATO, Qatar, Turkey, Saudi-Arabia, EU and other “Friends of Syria” are systematically violating the Convention Against the Use of Mercenaries.

Christof Lehmann – International Recruiting of Syria Mercenaries in Africa and Asia by Al-Qaeda continues

The report of the Al-Jarida e-newspaper is consistent with previous reports, which indicate that organized recruiting is taking place, targeting especially the socio-economically under privileged youth and unemployed in the Maghreb, but also in Asia.
15 February, Tunisians were shocked when Tunisian Radio and TV reported about 132 Tunisian insurgents who had been killed in and around the city of Aleppo. Statements by an insurgent group who released photos of two of the fallen mercenaries, promising that photos of all the slain mercenaries would be sent to their leaders in Tunisia for identification purposes, revealed that organized recruiting and deployment is taking place. (1

While reports continue streaming into the worlds media’s editorial offices, there has nor yet been any report that would indicate, that the International Criminal Court would begin investigating the apparently involved governments functionaries for violations of the Convention against the Use of Mercenaries, or for violations of the Geneva Conventions for the forced military service of prisoners.

Christof Lehmann – PKK Peace Offer; Phase Two of US/NATO Subversion of Syria, Iraq and Turkey

With regard to medium term and long term developments, the deployment of the PKK, away from Turkish territories and to Iraq and / or Syria will facilitate the implementation of US plans to establish a strategic US/NATO controlled corridor from the Hatai provinve at the eastern Mediterranean, along the oil rich, soft underbelly of Russia and China to and including Pakistan’s Baluchistan province. As the retired Pakistani Major and security consultant Agha Humayun Amin said in an interview with the scribe:
NATO is a club of wolves and Turkey is the odd wolf in NATO. Once the wolves have eaten Syria, they will eat the odd wolf Turkey. Yes, Turkey has been getting huge funds from Saudi Arabia, especially the clown Islamist Freedom and Justice Party. The clown Islamist Party is corrupting Turkey’s secularism. On the other side, Turkey is playing as NATO’s best chattel”.

Christof Lehmann – Resignation of Opposition Leader al-Khatib illustrates Incoherence. PKK Peace Offer could indicate Strategy Change

The resignation of al-Khatib and the failure to create a homogeneous and politically as well as militarily credible opposition, increased tensions at the Israeli Syrian demarcation line, and the recent peace offer by the leader of the Kurdistan Workers´Party (PKK) Abdullah Öcalan, could indicate that the interventionist axis is beginning to implement a news strategy for which a politically and militarily credible and coherent opposition is less important.

Press TV – Jordan closes main border crossing with Syria due to clashes

Jordan has closed its main border crossing with Syria following intense clashes between the Syrian army and foreign-backed militant groups in Syria near the Jordanian border.
Jordanian Information Minister Samih Maaytah said Monday, “The border post is effectively closed because there have been clashes since yesterday and they are continuing.”
Border traders also said passengers were turned back at Jordan’s border point of Jaber and prevented from crossing.
This is the first time Amman closes a border crossing since unrest erupted in neighboring Syria in March 2011.
Jordan has also played a role in the Syrian turmoil by allowing the United States and its Western allies to use its soil for training the militants fighting against the Syrian government and shipping weapons into Syria.
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