24 mars

Flera alarmerade tecken syns som kan tyda på att en direkt attack på Syrien förbereds! Har Obamas besök i Israel med detta att göra? Och John Kerry har dykt upp i Irak på oväntat besök.
Och så framför allt det här! Planeras det för stöd för nya krigsförbrytelser (efter de i Libyen ) bland topparna i det socialdemokratiska partiet!? – nyhetsbanken.se

Efter att socialdemokratin med Urban Ahlins uttalande i riksdagens senaste utrikesdebatt tagit ett steg framåt och sagt att nästa krig Sverige deltar i inte får vara ett Nato-krig, slår nu partistyrelsen till reträtt och säger att ett nytt svenskt krigsdeltagande kan bli aktuellt redan mot Syrien.
Inte ens alliansregeringen har hittills andats om en sådan möjlighet. Tvärtom har den arbetat för att behålla EU:s vapenembargo som förhindrar EU-stöd redan åt sådan indirekt intervention.
Nu väcker socialdemokraternas partistyrelse redan innan Sverige avvecklat sitt deltagande i ett stort, 12 år långt, misslyckat Natokrig (Afghanistan) tanken på att vi ska kasta oss in i ett nytt!
Att (s) på detta sätt redan på förhand ger sin välsignelse åt sett sådant nytt svenskt krigsäventyr är alarmerande och ger anledning ställa frågan: Vet den ena handen vad den andra gör? Vem har kontrollen över de strategiska besluten i socialdemokratins ledning?
Detta är värre än sjögången under Juholt. Krigshetsare inom den svenska Nato-lobbyn firar förstås julafton.

nyhetsbanken.se – Israels plötsliga ursäkt, Att Israel plötsligt ber om ursäkt för den väpnade attacken på Ship to Gaza 2010 innebär inte att man ångrat sig. Det innebär att man stöder Turkiets angrepp på Syrien.

Israel har plötsligt efter tre år bett Turkiet om ursäkt för det våldsamma sätt som civila fartyg på väg till Gaza bordades 2010, vilket ledde till 10 dödsoffer.

I klartext: Israel vill uppmuntra Turkiet i dess försök att störta Syriens regering. Parterna har gemensamma intressen i detta.

VARNING! för att en konstruerad lögn-föreställning kan vara på gång – NATO massive psy-ops about to be launched: “Bashar is dead, total chaos in Damascus” All Fake! – banoosh.com – The truth Of Bashar Al-Assad robot and his assassination

Today, March the 24, the news of Bashar Al-Assad being dead started spreading over the social media.

Remember what we’ve been warning you about: Qatar spending billions to simulate Assad’s collapse & Al Jazeera preparing fake images of Syria

Press TV – Syria main reason behind Israel-Turkey restoration of relationsvideo

Den engelske journalisten Alex Thomson har pratat med vittnen från platsen där en attack med någon sorts kemiska vapen inträffade för några dagar sen – Syria chemical weapons: finger pointed at jihadists

However a senior source close to the Syrian Army has given Channel 4 News the first clear account of what he claims is believed to have occurred on Tuesday. He is a trusted and hitherto reliable source who does not wish to be identified.
The Syrian military is said to believe that a home-made locally-manufactured rocket was fired, containing a form of chlorine known as CL17, easily available as a swimming pool cleaner. They claim that the warhead contained a quantity of the gas, dissolved in saline solution.
The source said that the town of Khan al-Assal has been in government control since March 13 but – like so much of the area – has been much fought over and parts of the area change hands with relative frequency. Rebel Sunni groups with al-Qaeda sympathies have been attacking the town, where the population is predominantly Shia.
The military’s version of events is that the home-made rocket was fired at a military checkpoint situated at the entrance to the town. The immediate effects were to induce vomiting, fainting , suffocation and seizures among those in the immediate area.
A second source – a medic at the local civilian hospital – said that he personally witnessed Syrian army helping those wounded and dealing with fatalities at the scene. That Syrian soldiers were among the reported 26 deaths has not been disputed by either side.

Russia Today – Syrian opposition leader resigns – video – Syrian opposition leader resigns 4 months after being elected

The president of the Syrian National Coalition Moaz Khatib has announced his resignation from office just four months after being elected.
The head of the Western-backed opposition group has stepped down amid high tension in the coalition. He said in a statement that he is resigning “to be able to work with freedom that cannot be available within the official institutions.”

Christof Lehmann – International Recruiting of Syria Mercenaries in Africa and Asia by Al-Qaeda continues

The Tunisian e-newspaper Al-Jarida reports that about 2,000 Tunisians are currently fighting in Syria among the armed groups which have been fighting to topple the Syrian government since early 2011. The latest report is one of many reports which reveal that Africans from the Maghreb are systematically being targeted for recruitment as mercenaries for the foreign backed subversion.
Abo Qasai , a Tunisian who fought in Syria told Al.Jarida, that the Tunisian fighters are of varying ages, including students, workers and unemployed who see the deployment as a chance to earn a living. The mercenary, who was lucky to return alive, informed the newspaper that there is a direct recruitment line for Syria in the Libyan city of Bengazi …

While reports continue streaming into the worlds media´s editorial offices, there has nor yet been any report that would indicate, that the International Criminal Court would begin investigating the apparently involved governments functionaries for violations of the Convention against the Use of Mercenaries, or for violations of the Geneva Conventions for the forced military service of prisoners.


SyrPer knows that Robert Ford told the Saudis and Qataris sometime in February of 2012 that the ”purely” Syrian opposition could ”never” change the government in Damascus. This assessment started the crazed effort to drag in all the possible Jihadists and unemployed ignorantii in the Islamic World. And it cost money! Not a little. A lot of money! And it took that to get to where NATO is now: on the verge of outright calamitous defeat.

Franklin Lamb – A Zionist Friendly, Right-wing Texan Islamist to Lead Syria?

For the past year, a plan C or D, depending on how one numbers the failed “sure-fire” US-Israel projects in Syria was badly needed. And this week, according to Congressional staffers, both Tel Aviv and the White House are pinching themselves in disbelief over their good luck with installing republican leaning conservative Dixie businessman, the congenial, Ghassan Hitto, as Syria’s new interim Prime Minister.

Tony Cartalucci – Storyful – Niche Propagandists Work Full-Time Distorting Syria Conflict

Scott Creighton – The Syrian Destabilization Campaign was NEVER Legit

The controlled opposition story of the so-called “uprising” in Syria is that it started as a massive peaceful demonstration against the Assad government. That’s a lie. I’ve said it many times. The recent video below details it from the beginning as just that.
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