22 mars

Press TV – US doesn’t seek political solution to Syria crisis: Vyacheslav Matuza, interview with former councilor of the Russian Embassy in Washington

they don’t like a real solution to the Syrian crisis; they are trying to achieve their egoistic political goals in the Middle East not less that’s why to reach any compromise, any political solution with such kind of approach it will be very difficult for all those who are trying to push Syrian crisis from military content to political dialogue between Syrian political sides.

sana-syria.com – Al-Jaafari: Many Arab Ambassadors Apologize for Policies of Their Governments against Syria

Syria’s Permanent Representative at the UN Dr. Bashar al-Jaafari said on Friday that many of the Arab ambassadors who speak with him bilaterally apologize for the policies of their countries and governments and say that what is happening to Syria is a big mistake and a great shame on the so-called Arab League and some Arab capitals which are directly involved in conspiring against the Syrian people and state and the future of Arabs in general.

nyhetsbanken.se – Syriska oppositionen splittras igen

Minst 12 nyckelpersoner i Syriens nationella koalition (SNC) sade på onsdagen att de hade avbrutit sitt medlemskap i det största oppositionsforumet på grund av det splittrande valet av en amerikansk affärsman till ”premiärminister” i Syrien.
Bland de tolv avhopparna fanns koalitionens vice ordförande Soheir Atassi och talesmannen Walid Al Bunni.
Andra medlemmar som sade att de hade ”fryst” sitt medlemskap i koalitionen är bl.a. Kamal Labwani, Marwan Hajj Rifai, Yehia Al Kurdi och Ahmad Al Assi Jarba.
”Koalitionen är ett icke-valt organ, och har som sådant ingen rätt att välja en premiärminister med majoritet på ett möte. Det borde ha krävts samstämmighet”, sade Labwani.

Scott Creighton – U.S. Military Official Calls Khan al-Asal Attack a “creative use of a caustic agent” “but not a chemical weapon”. History Disagrees

In their zeal to create a narrative to justify NATO intervention (bombing civilians and infrastructure til Syria collapses a.k.a. “humanitarian intervention”) their mercs seem to have miscalculated. Just like Hillary Clinton’s failed effort to blame the sinking of the Cheonan on North Korea, this failed false flag event is going to blow up in the faces of the foreign backed opposition in Syria.
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