21 mars

En religiös ledare var bland de som dödades av en ny bilbombsattack. Hur länge ska denna gränslösa ondska fortgå!?

english.ruvr.ru – Top pro-Assad Sunni preacher killed as suicide bombing hits Damascus mosque

A blast ripped through a mosque in the Syrian capital, killing a prominent pro-government Sunni cleric Sheikh Mohammed Said Ramadan al-Bouti. At least 15 people have reportedly died and 40 more were wounded in the attack.

Christof Lehmann – Syria and Russia demand independent Investigation into Aleppo Chemical Weapon Attack

Also Russia´s Permanent representative to the European Union (EU), Vladimir Chizhov has issued statements about the incident and warned, that the repetition of a Libyan scenario by NATO in Syria would be a “flagrant and outrageous strategic mistake”. The Russian EU Ambassador also criticized France and Great Britain for announcing, that they would lift the embargo imposed by the EU on importing weapons to the “Syrian Opposition”.
The strong statement by Russia´s Ambassador to the EU is one more in a series of increasingly clear signals from Russian top-diplomats which reiterate, that Russia is not willing to accept further abuse of UNSC resolutions by NATO, the abuse of the ICC for politicized trials against leaders of targeted nations, and the use of NATO forces in the Middle East for regime change under the guise of a responsibility to protect. The diplomatic stand off between Russia, the USA and the EU has lasted since September 2011, when Russia drew a clear line in the Syrian sand and began preventing a similar abuse of UN resolutions as the abuse of UNSC resolution 1973(2011) on Libya.
The statement by Vladimir Chizov, that a repetition of a Libya like scenario in Syria would be a flagrant and outrageous strategic mistake, is most likely an implicit reference to statements by NATO top-bras Ivo H. Daalder and James G. Stavridis.
In an article published in the April-March 2012 issue of Foreign Affairs, Daalder and Stavridis described NATO´s intervention in Libya as “teachable moment and model for future interventions”. (3 Daalder and Stavridis`statement has been repeated during NATO´s 25th Summit in Chicago in May 2012, where NATO implicitly adopted the Libyan model, that is, regime change by use of terrorist organizations, interfacing with special forces, to procure a UN resolution that justifies a NATO intervention, leading to regime change, as part of NATO´s military doctrine for a modern NATO that faces the security challenges of a modern world. (4
On Thursday the United Nations has responded to the Syrian, Russian and international pressure by agreeing to an independent investigation. No details about who will be staffing the investigation team, who will develop its methodology and specify its goals or other details have yet been published.

nyhetsbanken.se – FN utreder gaskrig i Syrien

Syrien bad officiellt FN:s generalsekreterare idag onsdag att genomföra en oberoende och neutral teknisk utredning om användningen av kemiska vapen igår i Aleppoprovinsen.
FN:s talesman sa att en sådan utredning kan genomföras på begäran av en medlemsstat men att man avvaktar de ”en formell begäran”.
Syriens ambassadör Bashar Jafari berättade för reportrar att hans regering har begärt att generalsekreteraren ska bilda en specialiserad, oberoende och neutral teknisk utredningsgrupp. Enligt Syrien har terroristgrupper verksamma i landet tillgripit kemiska vapen mot civila i staden Khan Al-Asal nära Aleppo. Han erinrade också om att Damaskus redan hade varnat för att något sådant skulle kunna hända i ett tidigare brev till FN.

Nile Bowie – Syria teeters on Obama’s ‘red line’

While on his first state visit to Israel, Barack Obama cast doubt and expressed deep skepticism toward the Assad government’s version of events, stating that if the government did indeed use chemical weapons, then it meant a “red line” had been crossed. Obama vowed not to make further announcements until concrete facts were established. What this essentially means is that Obama is now in a position to act on his statements and intervene more boldly and directly than the United States has already been doing since the beginning of the conflict. Additionally, NATO personnel have also indicated that they are prepared to employ a wide range of operations. US-European Command Admiral James Stavridis recently told media that the alliance was “prepared, if called upon, to be engaged as we were in Libya.”

Western states want to install proxy leaders who will grovel to their multinationals and swallow IMF medicine, Persian Gulf states seek unfettered hegemony in their own backyards, and they all want to see the Shia resistance smashed to pieces. Following the news of chemical weapons being used in Syria, the most immediate conclusion of this observer is that foreign-backed militants, who have used every opportunity to call for more material and support, employed the use of a smuggled chemical weapon of poor quality to bring about direct military intervention in their favor. Right on cue, Senators Lindsey Graham and John McCain are frothing at the mouth, urging President Obama to “take immediate action” and consider deploying troops.

Tony Cartalucci – US’ New ”Syrian PM” Yet Another Muslim Brotherhood Extremist

infowars.com – Gruesome Video Shows Syrian Rebel Beheading Civilian

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