19 mars

Russia Today – Syrian rebels fire chemical weapons in Aleppo, killing at least 25 – government (PHOTOS)

Syrian rebels have used a rocket containing chemical substances in the conflict, killing 25 people and injuring 86, says Syria’s Information Minister. Reports say most of the casualties killed in the attack in the flashpoint city of Aleppo were civilians.

Christof Lehmann – Chemical Weapon Attack kills 25 and injures 100 in Aleppo. Syria Crisis Explodes International Law into Anarchy and Barbarism

The Syrian government and insurgents are blaming each other for the escalation of the violence.
While the Syrian government possesses chemical weapons, several factors make it unlikely beyond reasonable doubt, that a rocket with weaponized chemical substances has been fired by Syrian military forces. Like in every other regular military force, the chemical weapons under control of the Syrian military are closely monitored, registered, and easily to be accounted for.
The UN´s independent commission of inquiry recently suggested to refer Syria to the international criminal court. A spokesperson for the Russian Foreign Ministry called the report biased and unbalanced, and the suggestion to refer Syria to the ICC as futile and ill timed. (1 Escalating the conflict by using chemical weapons would be political suicide from experienced politicians who know better than bringing Russia into a diplomatic quagmire. With the national dialog making steady progress, the use of chemical weapons would be equivalent to the Syrian government derailing the national dialog which it facilitates.
While these and many other factors make it more than unlikely that the rocket was fired by Syrian military forces, the opposite is the case with the foreign backed insurgents. The strongest circumstantial evidence however, until an investigation has eventually has yielded material evidence, is the fact that the foreign backed insurgents themselves have published video recordings, in which they were demonstrating how they are producing chemical substances which can be weaponized in small laboratories. The small laboratories have been provided for the insurgents by Saudi-Arabia.

Today´s escalation of terrorism with an internationally banned weapon is also likely to even further deteriorate diplomatic ties between Russia and the USA. One of the factors that has contributed to the rapid deterioration in diplomatic relations over Syria was the fact that the USA rejected a Russian resolution at the United Nations Security Council which would have condemned all forms of terrorism.
The US veto at the UN Security Council, against the condemnation of the attack and terrorism in all of its forms, prompted Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov to voice the Russian governments frustration over the fact, that the UNSC standards, according to which all nations, without exclusion, would condemn terrorism, regardless of the perpetrator, place or motives, was no longer upheld. Lavrov stated, “Russia sees in the American position the use of double standards and a dangerous approach in terms of the Americans moving away from the main principle of condemning terrorism in all its forms”.

Syria´s Information Minister al-Zoubi elicited the bearing of this aggravation when he stressed that the terrorist crime committed in Aleppo is “an exceptional case, compared to the events in the world at least over the last fifty years” Exceptional, because an internationally banned weapon was being used publicly from an area where Western and Turkish intelligence are operating along side Jahbat al-Nusra members”.

english.ruvr.ru – Ukrainian reporter Anhar Kochneva slams mass kidnapping in Syria

Ukrainian reporter Anhar Kochneva who was kept in captivity by Syrian rebels and managed to escape has accused Syrian insurgents of mass kidnapping.
“It is impossible to investigate. Unfortunately this happens everyday. They are bandits, who simply kidnap people and trade them”, she told a press conference in the Interfax-Ukraine agency in Kiev on Tuesday.
By supporting these insurgents that West is trying to destruct Syria.
According to Kochneva, there are reports that the insurgents are using in particular Ukrainian arms which was bought by Saudi Arabia and Qatar

english.ruvr.ru – Report from Damascus: the Life of the Syrian capital (PHOTO)

There are military checkpoints and cars are thoroughly inspected with the purpose of finding guns and explosives. There is the army, which fights with well-armed militants, whose camps are in Turkey, Lebanon and Jordan, and who receive weapons from European countries and Israel. There is the government and the President, who solve urgent problems of the country, which turned out to be the aim of the conspiracy of the West and the Arab monarchies. And there are the Syrians, who are engaged in their vital, peaceful, normal daily activities.
When you meet them in the streets, when you talk to them (there are those, who speak French and English), they anxiously say that it is terrorists and mercenaries who are to blame for the Syrian disasters, and they should be kicked out of the country. They hope that other countries will follow Russia’s example and support the efforts of the Syrian leaders aimed at restoring peace in the country.
The Syrians long for a peaceful life. This is what catches the eye!
We, Russian journalists, visited the Daraya district of the Syrian capital. Once there was life, now there are only ruins. Burnt carcasses of houses, charred trees, remains of a school…
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