16 mars

Christof Lehmann – Russian Security Council Emergency Meeting as Russian Warships arrive in Syria

Russia´s President Vladimir Putin has called and held an emergency meeting of the permanent members of Russia´s Security Council to discuss the deteriorating situation in Syria and the deteriorating diplomatic relations between Russia, the USA, EU and allies over the crisis. Meanwhile, four Russian Battleship Destroyers which had stopped in Lebanon, have been transferred to the Russian auxiliary naval base in the Syrian city Tartous.

Ser ut som ett visst backande från Camerons sida – UK has no immediate plans to arm Syria’s opposition – PM Cameron

Prime Minister David Cameron insisted that the UK had no immediate plans to arm Syria’s opposition. It came after EU leaders reacted coolly to a proposal from Cameron and the French Pres François Hollande for the EU’s embargo on sending arms to Syrian rebels to be lifted.
“As things stand today are not saying that Britain would actually like to supply arms to rebel groups. What we want to do is work with them and try to make sure that they’re doing the right thing. And with technical assistance we are able to do that.”

Press TV – US tries to pressure Syrian regime : Hisham Jaber, interview with Hisham Jaber

Now I think they are trying to make pressure on the Syrian regime since they are preparing a peaceful solution, a political solution with Russia and as we said under the sponsorship of China.

almanar.com.lb – Syria Urges BRICS Intervention to End Conflict

Syria’s President Bashar al-Assad on Saturday called on the BRICS nations to intervene to end the conflict in the country, in a letter delivered by his adviser Bouthaina Shaaban during a trip to South Africa.
Speaking to Agence France Presse, Shaaban said she had delivered the letter to South African President Jacob Zuma ahead of the BRICS summit in South Africa on March 26.

Kefah Nasr – The Results of the Blue Jasmine… America faces its second defeat, in Syria, after two years of the crisis

War on Syria is nothing more than a part of America’s schemes to construct American energy pipelines. But at the first year of the crisis, the American schemes started to collapse. Starting from the delaying of Nabucco pipeline, to Hungary withdrawing from Nabucco the one supported by America. Later Russia started to construct the South Stream gas pipeline. The Eastern Mediterranean gas pipeline had failed in Syria, and Putin had won in Syria, and the world is no longer unipolar. Today after two years of the Syrian crisis America faces its second defeat in its projects in the region with the start of the construction of the Iranian Al Salam pipelines to Pakistan, to be connected later with India, against America’s wishes.

Time has done its work, we can be positive that Syrian’s steadfastness didn’t only reveal the nature of the aggression on Syria, it had exhausted the American. The sanctions on Iran had failed, even by Washington’s closest allies, like Turkey, Japan, South Korea. America’s inability to even disrupt the Iranians gas pipelines is a proof enough that time didn’t only weaken and mute Washington, it also pressured it. Especially in regards to the increase of demand on Iran’s energy imports to many countries starting from Pakistan where the Iranian gas pipelines forms a direct threat to America’s interests. But Washington had no other options left but to face the reality, else, America’s pressure would become a reason for its allies to rebel. Accepting realities will only increase in the coming years & it will reach the EU. Putin had pointed out in his speech after winning the presidential elections that in the next five years we’ll witness changes in the world.

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