14 mars

english.ruvr.ru – Paris, London will arm Syria rebels even without EU support – French Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius

Mr. Fabius said his country and the UK were ready to jointly supply armed to Syrian rebels without a green light from the EU because the latter failed to find a common ground. “France is a sovereign nation,” he said in an interview to France info.
He said Paris and London decided to take this step to fix the evident imbalance between Russia and Iran backed Assad forces and rebels who he said were denied the right to protect themselves.

nyhetsbanken.se – Paris, London trappar upp

Kolonialmakterna Storbrittanien och Frankrike har av allt att döma bestämt sig för att trappa upp kriget i Syrien.
Både Storbritanniens utrikesminister William Hague och Frankrikes Laurent Fabius säger nu att de anser att EU bör skicka vapen till terroristerna.
De är väl medvetna om att det inte går att samla enighet för det. Bland annat har Tysklands utrikesminister Gudio Westerwelle tidigare sagt sig vara emot och även Sveriges Carl Bildt har varit emot.
Men poängen är att att Paris och London spräcker enigheten om EU:s vapenembargo mot Syrien som därmed sannolikt kommer att falla 31 maj. (En förnyelse kräver enighet). Då blir det fritt fram att skicka vapen.
Till saken hör att det är bevisat att britter och fransmän redan idag skickar vapen illegalt, så varför ödsla besvär på att häva embargot.
Genom att skicka vapen legalt tänjer britter och fransmän på folkrätten och ökar sina möjligheter att återgå till koloniala interventionsmetoder i Mellanöstern.

english.ruvr.ru – Russian, German officials against arming Syrian rebels

Russia is concerned with the intention of several Western countries to arm the Syrian opposition, Russia’s Deputy Foreign Minister Gennady Gatilov says.
In his Twitter blog, Mr. Gatilov wrote that arming the Syrian rebels contradicts the same countries’ statements that they want stability in Syria.
Earlier, Germany’s Foreign Minister Guido Westerwelle called on European countries not to arm the Syrian opposition. Otherwise, there will be a threat that the conflict in Syria may spread to other countries, Mr. Westerwelle believes.

Press TV – Government forces taking full control of Syria: Hisham Jaber, interview with director of the Center for Middle East studies, Hisham Jaber, in Beirut

Jaber: It’s not the first time that Britain and France provide weapons and expertise and training and intelligence services to the insurgents in Syria. For more than one year everybody knows that on the borders between Syria and Turkey there are many groups, French intelligence services and also from MI6 the British provide training and intelligence and also weapons to the insurgents in Syria.
But now since the United States you know will not provide as we said for one year that the United States will change its policy I think it’s the role when the United States cannot provide weapons to the insurgents in Syria because we said for one year that the United States will find at the end of the day that there is no military solution in Syria.
And also on the other hand cannot convince the people of the United States that those weapons will not go on the hands of al-Qaeda which is according to them the first enemy to the United States. Now I think it’s a change of roles between the United States and France and Britain.

Press TV – Militants routinely kill captured Syrian soldiers, Amnesty says

The rights organization said on Thursday that captured ‘Shia or Alawite Muslims’ are the main targets of militants in Syria.
Cilina Nasser of Amnesty said, “It’s time for the armed opposition groups to know that what they are doing is very wrong, and that some of the abuses they committed amount to war crimes.”
Amnesty also stated that it had investigated several videos purportedly showing militants killing captives, adding there had been reports of ‘summary executions’ by the armed groups.

A recent report by the UK-based Save the Children organization said the militants are using children as “porters, runners and human shields.”

West fails to topple Syria’s Assad: James Fetzer, Press TV has conducted an interview with James H. Fetzer (Fetzer’s del som text), a professor Emeritus at the University of Minnesota from Madison, to further talk over the issue. The video also offers the opinions of one additional guest: Anjem Choudary who is from the Shariah Court of the UK.

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