12 mars

Patrick Henningsen – The Syria “Gun-Running Program”: US and Britain Channel Large Shipments of Weapons to Al Qaeda Terrorists

It’s well known by now that NATO and the Gulf States initial plans to overturn the sovereign state of Syria has been running behind schedule since their operation was launched two years ago. They had hoped for the sort of slam dunk which they enjoyed in overturning the country of Libya in late 2011.
This same formula could not be applied again however, so Plan B, a ground war using proxies has meant a longer drawn out conflict. It hasn’t been working fast enough in Syria, and western backed terrorist groups still sustaining heavy losses in their fight to topple the Assad government on behalf of the NATO and its Gulf allies.
The main obstacle with Plan B is that the very idea of directly arming terrorists in Syria is not one which can be sold openly in either the US or Britain.
From the NATO Allied corner, something drastic needed to be done…
Whilst politicians in the West, namely those in Washington DC, London and parts of Europe, have been publicly denying that they were helping to organise running arms into Syria and issuing very public pleads for ‘humanitarian aid’ for those they identify as the Syrian Opposition, activity back stage has been furious. The debate in government and the media has been mere window dressing for the real operation being quietly carried out.

It can now be revealed that NATO allied nations were busy using proxy states to drive their war in Syria – putting together one of the biggest international black operation transfers of military supplies in recent history.

english.ruvr.ru – France, Russia, US identifying Syrian officials for talks

France, Russia and the United States are trying to draw up a list of Syrian officials with whom the opposition can negotiate, French Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius said on Tuesday.
”We worked together on an idea… of a list of Syrian officials who would be acceptable to Syria’s opposition National Coalition,” he told the foreign affairs committee of the National Assembly.

Ännu en gång är man ute och viftar med påståenden om kemiska vapen! english.ruvr.ru – Syria might be prepared to use chemical and biological weapons – US national intelligence director

The erosion of the Syrian regime’s authority is accelerating and the “increasingly beleaguered” government, which has been unable to defeat insurgents with conventional weapons, might be prepared to use chemical weapons, according to James R. Clapper, the director of national intelligence.

Press TV – US aims to turn Syria into failed state, interview with Edward Corrigan, the human rights attorney from Ontario

Press TV: Lakhdar Ibrahimi (UN Mission Head of Syria) is saying that the situation in Syria could escalate to become that of another Somalia. Do you think that the US and its Western allies have taken that into account when it continues to fund and support and train these insurgents?
Corrigan: I have a cynical view. I think they have taken that into account, but I think that’s actually the objective.
They want to destroy Syria as a stable state and they want to replace it with a failed state in its place.
I think what was done in Iraq – there was a destruction of a very advanced stable Arab country – it had very good infrastructure; the best education system in the Arab world; best rights for women. It did have some problems, but it did have relative peace within the various sectarian factions within the country. But they destroyed that.

‘West after crushing Syria resistance’Sukant Chandan (Chandan’s del utskriven) and Sheikh Omar Bakri, founder of Hizb ut-Tahrir UK branch from the Lebanese capital city of Beirut

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