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Thierry Meyssan – John Kerry’s murky game

The implementation of the peace plan for Syria negotiated between Russians and Americans is running at a standstill. First there was the delay in the confirmation of the new U.S. security team by the Senate. Then, inconsistent if not contradictory statements by the new Secretary of State, John Kerry.
Anyway, two new elements can be established.
• The activism of Saudi Arabia and Qatar has been reinforced with the apparent agreement of the Department of State.
At a joint press conference with his Saudi counterpart, John Kerry twice repeated the US commitment to a ”peaceful solution” in Syria. But two minutes later, he approved the sending of Saudi Arabian arms to the Syrian ”moderate” opposition. Kerry reiterated these contradictions during his visit to Qatar.

In international law, claiming or approving the unilateral sending of weapons to rebel groups, absent a resolution of the Security Council, is a crime. If Syria filed a complaint before the International Court of Justice, for sure she would get a condemnation of Saudi Arabia, Qatar, the United States, the Arab League and several others under the precedent set in ”Nicaragua vs USA ”(1984).

In other words, Washington and Tel Aviv are no longer considering ”regime change” in Damascus, and agreed to help the Syrian Arab army maintain control of its chemical and biological weapons in the event of jihadists attacks.
Israel is withdrawing from the conflict. To wit: two days after this turnaround, on the Syrian coast they revealed and dismantled a complex system of Israeli electronic monitoring and communication.
• In the final analysis, the United States is looking to militarily disengage itself and its alter ego Israel, then encourage their Gulf allies to escalate a military and diplomatic blockade. It is still too early to determine if they are double dealing and setting a trap for Russia at the expense of the Syrian people, or if they are pushing their Gulf allies into an impasse to better impose the solution negotiated with Moscow.

US backs terrorism under mask of war on terror: Michel Chossudovsky

english.ruvr.ru – Assad ‘firm as ever’ – Syrian politician

The Syrian rebels are wasting time. Two years of their war have cost Syria countless lives, but failed to undermine the regime of President Bashar Assad. The conflict can only be resolved through a dialogue. Senior member of the National Coordination Committee of the Syrian opposition Heisan Manaa spoke about this to the media Monday after emerging from a Moscow meeting with Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov.
He also thanked Russia for its efforts to restore peace to Syria.
Mr Lavrov accused some Western and Arab powers of fanning the Syrian conflict by bolstering the rebels. He also re-iterated Russia’s offer of help in brokering a dialogue between the Syrian government and the constructively-minded Syrian opposition.

Russia Today – Captive Ukrainian journalist escapes Syrian rebels

After five months of captivity in fear of execution, Ukrainian journalist Anhar Kochneva has safely escaped from Syrian rebels, Kochneva’s ex-husband told RT.

Escaping Execution: Ukrainian journo evades Syrian rebel captors

english.ruvr.ru – Syrian rebels receive foreign help – UN official

The chief UN human rights official for Syria Paolo Sergio Pinheiro has unveiled a report in which his experts say that the Syrian rebels increasingly rely on foreign-funded mercenaries and arms supplies from neighbouring countries.

Fatal Favor: US trains Syrian rebels in Jordan?

english.ruvr.ru – 6 killed by insurgents in Damascus

At least 6 people were killed and 24 wounded in a mortar attack by militants in the central district of the Syrian capital Damascus.
The terrorists attacked a football stadium, a park and a cafe.

almanar.com.lb – Behind the Scenes: Syrian Opposition Funded from Gaddafi’s Secret Accounts

Gulf countries are working to allocate billions of dollars to fund the Syrian military groups, however, the money comes from secrets accounts in Europe which belonged to Libyan president Moammar Gaddafi.

Franklin Lamb – Despite Civilian-Targeting US Sanctions, Damascus University Excels

This observer has met several Damascus University students among the 9,000 volunteers, including Palestinian refugees, who are donating their time working with the Syria Red Crescent Society (SARCS). Many DU students are also volunteering by assisting at primary schools.
The grim reality for Syrian families, hospitals, health care facilities and now university students and educational institutions across the country is that the claimed ”humanitarian” exemptions for food, medicine and medical equipment is little more than News-Speak.
Rather than target the people who represent Syria’s future leaders, the White House would do better to cancel its sanctions and send Secretary Kerry to Damascus to meet face-to-face with the Syrian people and government and demonstrate a real American interest in stopping the bloodshed. Armored vehicles and assorted “non-lethal aid” to one side in this conflict will only prolong the killing, as any student here will attest.
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