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‘The west have double standards when dealing with the Syria crisis’ Danny Makki

english.ruvr.ru – Moscow expects explanations from Friends of Syria Group for arms supplies to Syrian opposition

Moscow would like to get explanations form the Friends of Syria Group as to who exactly is supplying arms to the Syrian opposition and how is it possible in the given context to demilitarize the Syrian conflict in compliance with the Geneva communiqué.
This came in an interview with the BBC this Friday by Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov.
He emphasized again that all Russian military shipments for the Syrian government, including antimissile systems, are perfectly legal and in keeping with the earlier signed intergovernmental contracts.

english.ruvr.ru – Syria: 8 UN vehicles enter Jamla to pick up hostages

nyhetsbanken.se – ”Skägglösa brigad” hånar FN

Kidnappningen av 21 filippinska FN-fredsövervakare i Jamlahområdet på Golanhöjderna i Syrien visar att de ”snälla” rebellerna i Fria Syriska Armén, som nyss fått USA-stöd med en halv miljard kronor, inte är något annat än terroristernas ”skägglösa brigad”.

Alla i Sveriges riksdag som kräver erkännande av Syriska nationella koalitionen – sådana finns i alla partier – måste nu överväga om de kan stödja en ”regering” som kidnappar FN:s fredsövervakare och därmed hånar alla internationella fredsansträngningar

Tony Cartalucci – Syria: West’s Legitimacy Collapses as it Props up Hostage-Taking Terrorists

The so-called “Syrian rebels” have taken dozens of UN peacekeepers hostage, demanding the Syrian Army withdraw its troops from its own nation’s territory. The UN has confirmed that their peacekeepers are indeed being held hostage by what they call “rebels,” and has demanded their release.

As the West coddles terrorists who are more overtly committing atrocities, both against the Syrian people, along Syria’s peripheries, and even against international observers including the United Nations, they shed the remainder of their legitimacy. In fact, a US State Department, a British Foreign Office, and even a UN who refuses to condemn and entirely break off relations with an organization that takes hostages amidst a myriad of other atrocities documented over the past 2 years, already has absolutely no legitimacy.
The people of the West must realize their governments have descended into a dangerous psychosis and has abandoned even a face-value commitment to maintaining a rule of law. A nation not confined by law, or even attempting to pretend to be, is a nation capable of anything, on any scale, at any time.

Press TV – Salafism driving Syria militants to violence: Analyst, interview with Syed Ali Wasif

These guys are rogue elements, trained, supported, financed by the Saudi regime. They are rogue elements just like Taliban and al-Qaeda; they are terrorist, they are no freedom fighters. The UN and international community should join hands with the Syrian government to expel those people.

almanar.com.lb – Al-Manar Website Uncovers an Internal Document for Al-Nusra Front: How Turkey Recruits Fighters in Syria

The document is a ten page application form distributed by the Turkish authorities on Syrians inside Syria. Based on the information mentioned in the application, the individual is enlisted either in the ranks of a certain phalanx that fights in Syria, as an intelligence agent, or as a recruit for the intelligence agents that work inside Syria.
The source of this document is an injured Syrian who was in the ranks of the militants. His family took him to Europe for treatment after he was injured in his spinal cord, so he passed on this document to us to publish it and comment on its articles and points.

EA World View – Croatia IS Selling the Rebels Arms

American Journalist Tom Watson reports that Croatia flew 75 planes full of weapons to Jordan, with the full knowledge that these arms were for the Syrian rebels. According to Watson, both the Croatian and UK governments knew about the shipments.
One of his main sources is a Croatian daily newspaper. EA’s Joanna Paraszczuk reports:
Croatian daily Jutarnji List (JL) reports that Zagreb has become an international hub for the transporting of weapons to Syrian opposition forces. Citing ”diplomatic sources”, the report says that in the period between November 2012 and February this year, a total of 75 civilian transport aircraft flew from Zagreb’s Plesno airport loaded with weapons destined for Syrian rebels. JL claimed that the weapons originated elsewhere in Europe and that Washington organized the consignments.
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