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Tarpley gör flera viktiga påpekanden här, som att Syrien som en suverän stat har all rätt att köpa vapen från andra länder för att försvara det egna territoriet. Och man har även rätt att begära hjälp av andra länder om man så önskar. Sen hade det ju varit väldigt bra om verkliga bevis kunde tas fram som kunde slå fast att det är som Tarpley säger, att det redan från början av oroligheterna i mars 2011, förekom krypskyttar som blandade sig i demonstrationer och dödade såväl militär som demonstranter.
Syria militants in tremendous disarray: Dr. Webster Tarpley, Tarpley’s del som text

What is involved here is a political judgment, who is the aggressor? Who has started it? The opprobrium goes to the party that begins the hostilities and in the case of Syria, this is clear. It is part of this destabilization of the entire Arab world, the so-called Arab Spring, and it is done by shipping in these foreign fighters, and as I mentioned in Homs and in Baniyas, I was able to talk to people who were present on the very first days. There were terrorists and some of them were foreign fighters from the very beginning. So the aggressors are these foreign powers.

John Kerry och andra ledare från de länder som ligger bakom stödet till de väpnade grupperna låter alltmer desperata. Kerry sa t.ex. att USA och deras lydsater ska fortsätta ge stöd åt oppositionen i Syrien så att de förhoppningsvis kan genomföra en fredlig revolution! Helt klart verkar de ha fått direktiv att trappa upp hoten och ordkriget, men finns det annat som sker bakom kulisserna?

Robert Fisk: John Kerry wants the Gulf to support the Syrian rebels. But which rebels? The soft, safe ones? Or those horrible, ‘terrorist’ Islamists?

In Qatar yesterday, the US Secretary of State vouchsafed to tell the world that he now had “greater guarantees” that arms were being sent to “moderate” groups in Syria. Such guarantees may exist – but they are worthless. If Saudi Arabia and Qatar are sending guns to the opposition, how can they possibly label them ‘Not for al-Nusra or other Islamist groups’? And since the Saudi royal family are Wahabis – like many of the Islamist fighters in Syria and, indeed, the 9/11 killers in America – why shouldn’t the Saudis arm their favourite anti-Shiite militia in Syria?

And then there’s Kerry’s wonderful remark in Riyadh that “the United States will continue to work with our friends to empower the Syrian opposition to hopefully be able to bring about a peaceful revolution.” Forget the split infinitive. Forget the fact that the Americans claim to be sending only money and bandages and the Brits are only planning to send ‘non-lethal’ armoured vehicles. Schoolchildren should be asked to parse this nonsense. ‘Friends’? ‘Empower’? ‘Hopefully’? ‘Peaceful’? No wonder Bashar al-Assad sounds so confident.

Syria: Britain to Send Armoured Cars to Rebels, Pledges Hague

Britain is to train fighters in Syria trying to depose dictator Bashar al-Assad.
In a major escalation in Britain’s involvement in the bloody conflict, fighters in the Free Syrian Army will also get armour and military vehicles from the UK.

middle-east-online.com – Kerry: Yes, a lot of countries are training Syria rebels

US Secretary of State John Kerry said Wednesday that ”a lot of countries” are training Syrian rebels as part of stepped up efforts to topple President Bashar al-Assad’s regime.

”There are a lot of countries doing training,” Kerry said.
”What is important is that President Assad needs to understand the re-focus of commitment in order to get him to change his current calculation, and in order to hopefully get his allies to advise him: ‘You need to go to the table and negotiate a peaceful resolution.'”
The United States says it has so far refused to arm the rebels, but on Tuesday Kerry expressed confidence that weapons supplied by Gulf countries were reaching the ”right people.”

english.ruvr.ru – Russia concerned about US plan to arm Syrian rebels – Lukashevich

Moscow is concerned about possible US aid to the opponents of the Syrian president, including arms supplies to the moderate Syrian opposition, Voice of Russia correspondent Polina Chernitsa reports.
”Certainly, we are concerned, especially about the public statements on the intention of the U.S. administration and some other Western partners to encourage : Syrian opposition groups with arms supply,” Russian Foreign Ministry spokesman Alexander Lukashevich told a Wednesday press briefing in Moscow.
”This is absolutely not what is needed now,” the Russian diplomat said.

Russia Today – 20 UN peacekeepers taken hostage by Syrian rebels in Golan Heights

Press TV – US now openly supporting Syria militants: Naser al-Omari, interview with Naser al-Omari, writer and political commentator

Well this has been going on for a long time now but I think the American policy in the Middle East is shifting right now and I think it is shifting in the direction of openly supporting the Syrian insurgents and they are doing this with the Saudi government as well as other [Persian] Gulf governments and Turkey.

On certain fronts the Syrian government is doing extremely well but there are other fronts in the north for example the capture of Raqqa and action that is going on in various northern parts of Syria, the Syrian insurgents and the foreign fighters are actually gaining ground.
So what you have is basically, what I believe is very, very nasty civil war and it is slowly becoming a regional war and it is moving in the direction of Lebanon unfortunately as well as Iraq.
So what I think the United States and the world needs to realize is that this is a sectarian war that needs to come to an end through dialogue.

Press TV – Al-Qaeda’s front may execute civilians in the Syrian city of Raqqa: Alaa Ebrahim

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M.Tannous (A reader comment):
”Thank you so much for speaking the truth. I am a Syrian Christian who has been living this nightmare for the past two years. There never was an uprising of Syrians against our Government. The protests that were filmed for the benefit of the west were staged. I was a citizen living in Homs at the time & we witnessed the actors & directors who filmed for two minutes & then went back to their homes. We all knew that the Brotherhood were about to perpetrate an ugly uprising but we had no idea at the time they would be backed by 29 countries in a Wahabi/ Salafist Jihad on our nation. Syria is fighting against the Islamists who have invaded our country & the majority of Syrians are 100% behind our President. Long live Bashar Al Assad, the only President on this earth whose stance against the western Imperialism has earned him the title of national hero. He is the protector of all Syrians especially the minorities. He has preserved our religious freedom in law & for this he is hated by the snakes of the Gulf.”
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