4 mars

Trots att det är så som Finian Cunningham skriver, att Kerrys Europabesök var en besvikelse för de som hoppats att få höra mer civiliserade tongångar med en ny amerikansk utrikesminister, så finns det samtidigt tecken på en förändrad attityd. Ekots rapportering är inte lika ensidigt propagandistisk som tidigare, t.o.m. den hårdföre Sommarström, tillsammans med Cecilia Uddén den mest fruktade propagandakrigföraren i svensk public service, försöker nu mer ge en bild av en allmänt hopplös och grym situation.
Och Storbritanniens utrikesminister Hague låter lite mindre aggressiv dagarna efter Kerrys besök och ordkrigsoffensiven i samband med det.

We will be doing more and we have to steadily do more if there is no diplomatic breakthrough. We will continue to give enormous amounts to relieve humanitarian distress but we have to do more to assist the opposition on the ground.

If ever we get into that situation [of supplying weapons to the opposition] the risks of arms falling into the wrong hands is one of the great constraints. And it is one of the reasons we don’t do it now. But these things are a balance of risk. You can reach consensus eventually when humanitarian need is so great and the loss of life is so great that you have to do something new to save lives. That’s why I don’t rule it out in the future.

Finian Cunningham – Kerry Brings Image of Dapper Diplomacy to Ugly Face of Washington’s Imperialism

Any illusions about a possible change in direction for American foreign policy were blown away this week with Kerry’s visit to Europe. And it was Kerry himself who blew away such illusions with his own words.

On the matter of Syria, the new US secretary of state was again consistently Clintonesque in content, if not in style. Indeed, Kerry signaled that the US was moving towards not just stepping up so-called non-lethal aid but also openly arming the militants in Syria trying to overthrow the Assad government.
These are the same Western-backed militants who last week detonated a 1.5-tonne car bomb in the capital, Damascus, killing at least 53, including women and children. Shamefully, Kerry did not condemn such indiscriminate mass murder, focusing instead on alleged crimes by Syrian state forces.

Ghaleb Kandil, 25 feb – Kelly Tour and American procrastination

While Secretary of State John Kerry begins an international tour focused on the situation in Syria, Russia increases its critics towards the ambiguous attitude and political double standards exerted by the United States. Yet Washington had initiated signals showing a change in policy, mainly illustrated by the decision of President Barack Obama to replace the hawkish trio composed of Hillary Clinton, Leon Panetta and David Petraeus.

Despite their ambiguous actions, the Americans sent signals that constitute an admission of the failure of their initial objective which was to overthrow the regime of President Assad. They conceded that the dialogue with the Syrian head of state is the only way that could lead to a solution of the crisis. This does not prevent them from maneuvering in an attempt to improve their conditions in for negotiations.
The anger expressed by Russia to face all this procrastination shows once again that only the developments on the ground will be able to break the deadlock. It is therefore the Syrian Arab Army that will have the last word.

Vitaly Churkin on Syrian Dialogue

english.ruvr.ru – Rebels side with Syrian army in Aleppo

For the first time since the beginning of street fighting in July last year, in Aleppo a group of rebels from the Free Syrian Army has sided with the regular troops.
The information about the numerical strength of this detachment is not given.
The troops have retaken the control of the Marana radar station, and warplanes have destroyed a big militant base in Idlib Province.
Presently, Syrian troops are fighting for the liberation of the Jubar Quarter, located 8 kilometres away from the centre of Damascus, trying to dislodge the militants from there.

Press TV – Iraqi gunmen kill 42 Syrian soldiers, 7 Iraqis: officials

VideoSyria News March 4,2013, Sunday Times: British Terrorist Killed in Syria, Kerry: Syria Facing terrorism
* Armed Israeli policemen storm the Dome of the Rock
* Kremlin: Putin and Hollande Discuss Cooperation to Solve Crisis in Syria
* Army Carries out Operations against Terrorists in Several Areas
* Sunday Times: British Terrorist Killed in Syria
* Solidarity Events in Russia, India in Support of Syria

Tony Cartalucci – UK Seeks to Further Fund, Arm Al Qaeda Collaborator Moaz al-Khatib

Robert Fisk – Alawite history reveals the complexities of Syria that West does not understand, The maps long favoured in the West partition off Arab countries into ethnic divisions, but all these make clear is our own ignorance


In this fourth weekly SHAMSEIN report, the following 9 stories are discussed:
00:10 Excerpt from Pres. Assad’s Interview with British Sunday Times Newspaper
05:52 Syrian Army Regains Control of Strategic Hama-Aleppo International Highway
08:00 Report on Latest Military Developments in Homs
10:45 Diane Sawyer Tells her Syria Experience in 2007
16:42 Latest UN Briefing on Syrian Refugees
23:33 Ban Ki-moon: Syrian Opposition Must Seize Opportunity for Dialogue Extended by Muallem
25:24 Muallem: Common Efforts to Stop Violence in Syria Start with Pressure on Turkey & Qatar
27:46 Seven Thousand Volunteers in the Syrian National Defense
29:52 Lebanese al-Jadeed TV Searches for Hezbollah inside Syria

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