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EA World View – Syria Live Coverage

english.ruvr.ru – Instructors from US special forces train armed rebels in Syria – Sana

Instructors from US special forces are training armed opposition groups that are fighting against the government of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, Syria’s state-run news agency Sana reported on Sunday.
The US commandos are training rebels from the so-called Free Syrian Army in camps located on the territory of Jordan, according to Sana.
The training program started in late 2012 in a base located on a private territory in the northern suburbs of the Jordanian capital of Amman. Apart from the US instructors, the Syrian militants are also receiving training from French and British commandos, Sana reported.
The US military also make raids into Syria from Jordan and Lebanon for reconnaissance purposes and for preparing terrorist operations in support of Syrian rebels, Sana reported, referring to the French newspaper Figaro.

Press TV – France, Turkey plot to assasinate Assad: Report

A Lebanese news website says it has obtained a documentary movie revealing a plot hatched by French and Turkish spy agencies to assassinate Syrian President Bashar al-Assad.
Lebanese Asianews website says the movie, which has been produced by the well-known Syrian media activist Khedar Awarake, shows confessions by those who were on a joint mission to kill top Syrian officials.
According to the report, Syrian security organizations have recently defused assassination attempts by Turkey and France’s intelligence agencies on the lives of Assad and Syrian Foreign Minister Walid al-Muallem.
The report added that Turkish and French spy agencies have set up a joint operation room aimed at accomplishing the assassination mission. It added that their mission had overlapped with operations of security services of Saudi Arabia, Qatar and the US on many times.

Press TV – Western countries don’t represent intl. community: Jalili

Secretary of Iran’s Supreme National Security Council Saeed Jalili says western countries that support terrorists cannot introduce themselves as representatives of the international community.
In a meeting with Syrian Foreign Minister Walid al-Muallem in Tehran on Saturday, Jalili reaffirmed Tehran’s strategic support for the national dialogue in Syria, and criticized the West and a number of regional states for their support of terrorism in Syria.

Videon nedan är bara en liten del av intervjun, hela finns utskiven här – Hala Jaber’s interview with President Assad for the Sunday Times

Sunday Times: But you always refer to the people fighting here as terrorists, do you accept that while some are from the Jabhat al-Nusra and those affiliated to Al-Qaeda but there are others such as the FSA or under the umbrella of the FSA? That some of them are the defectors and some of them are just ordinary people who started some of the uprising. These are not terrorists; these are people fighting for what they believe to be the right way at the moment.
President Assad: When we say that we are fighting Al-Qaeda, we mean that the main terrorist group and the most dangerous is Al-Qaeda. I have stated in many interviews and speeches that this is not the only group in Syria. The spectrum ranges from petty criminals, drugs dealers, groups that are killing and kidnapping just for money to mercenaries and militants; these clearly do not have any political agenda or any ideological motivations.
The so-called “Free Army” is not an entity as the West would like your readers to believe. It is hundreds of small groups – as defined by international bodies working with Annan and Al-Ibrahimi – there is no entity, there is no leadership, there is no hierarchy; it is a group of different gangs working for different reasons. The Free Syrian Army is just the headline, the umbrella that is used to legitimize these groups.
This does not mean that at the beginning of the conflict there was no spontaneous movement; there were people who wanted to make change in Syria and I have acknowledged that publically many times. That’s why I have said the dialogue is not for the conflict itself; the dialogue is for the future of Syria because many of the groups still wanting change are now against the terrorists. They still oppose the government but they do not carry weapons. Having legitimate needs does not make your weapons legitimate.

Ny intervju – The Sunday Times interview with Syria’s President Bashar al-Assad – en del av den finns utskriven som text här – Pres. Assad deplores UK govt. as ‘unconstructive’ in Mid-East

Syrian President Bashar al Assad has lashed out at the British government, describing it as ”shallow and immature” for siding with foreign-backed terrorists fighting his country.
”We do not expect an arsonist to be a firefighter”, President Assad told The Sunday Times, dismissing any suggestion that Britain could help to resolve the conflict in Syria.

Erkännande av en som deltog i en massaker i april 2012

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