2 mars

Frågan är hur man ska tolka det här – sr.se – Obama och Putin närmar sig varandra om Syrien – efter all oresonlighet och tal om ökat stöd för de väpnade grupperna de senaste dagarna i samband med Kerrys besök i Europa och Ryssland.

Det är nödvändigt att driva på en politisk förändring för att få slut på våldet så snart som möjligt i Syrien, sade Rysslands och USA:s presidenter i ett telefonsamtal på fredagen. Presidenterna kommer att träffas och samtala kring situationen i Syrien i samband med ett G8 möte i Nordirland i juni.

Sveriges Radio, liksom övriga mainstreammedier, agerar ju som en megafon åt den regim som styr USA’s och de flesta västländers politiker, och man väger noga vilka ord man använder och vilket budskap man ger för att skapa den verklighet åt medborgarna deras herrar önskar. Det är inte lätt att veta vad som pågår bakom kulisserna. Och i juni! Det är ju långt in i framtiden, vad har man tänkt ska hända tills dess?

english.ruvr.ru – Syria: Army captures key Aleppo airport road

The Syrian army said on Saturday it has seized control of a key road linking the central province of Hama to Aleppo international airport, scene of weeks of fierce battles with rebel fighters.
The capture of the road will allow the army to deploy fresh reinforcements and send supplies to the area near the airport, where fighting has raged since mid-February.

Franklin Lamb – The Oft-Predicted Fickle Syrian ‘Tipping Point’ Has Tipped?

Rather, the momentum here has tipped in favor of the current regime due to its capacity to maintain a slowly rising level of popular support, and good relations with key foreign supporters during the current run up to next year’s Presidential election. Then, it will be up to the Syrian voters to decide who stays, goes, and/or joins in their next government.
I base my tentative conclusions, on among others, the following factors.
The Syrian population here is so tired, so exhausted and beaten down, the killing has gone on for so long, and the Syrian people, like Iranians and others I have observed, appear to exhibit a distinctly noticeable, profound and almost moral and religious bond with their countrymen and they personally feel acutely their country’s suffering. Such that people on the streets are very shocked and incredulous at what is going on and many in fact feel less strongly about either side in the conflict and just want the slaughter to end and for life to return to ‘normal’ even without deep revolutionary-across the board-changes for now.

One also experiences here an attitude that the Assad government is showing signs of learning some serious lessons about the direction that Syria must move in. While number estimates are difficult, increasing number of Syrians appears to believe that the current regime is the best solution — at least for now. For now, meaning, until next year’s election.
One also notices in Syria these days that people appear (maybe influenced a bit by the recent spring weather) somewhat more optimistic that things are getting ”better” — warmer weather means less need for mazot (heating oil), people are car-pooling more to decrease dependence on limited benzene, some flour, still often difficult to find due to rebel burning fields, theft from supply warehouses and Turkish-condoned destruction of a majority of
manufacturing enterprises in Aleppo, is appearing to a degree, brought in from bordering countries. Many of the shortages — partly caused by the US-led sanctions — are for now somehow less severe due to the ingenuity of the Syrian people and the government too has been employing some shrewd countermeasures.

Russia Today – Hollande, Putin on Syria: Approach differs, goals the same

Presidents Putin and Hollande share the same goal of settling the conflict in Syria. But at a meeting in Moscow, talk of operating in ‘parallel’ shows there’s still a clear divide in how Russia and France want to resolve the crisis.
Meeting Russia’s president in Moscow, President Francois Hollande reiterated France’s position that Paris wanted to see a more open “political dialogue” on Syria that would ”speak to all parties” in the two-year crisis.
The two states want to prevent the breakup of Syria first of all; however, differences about how this should be achieved remain a stumbling block for Paris and Moscow.
While France favors Syria without President Assad, Russia insists that only the Syrians can decide their destiny.

gulfnews.com – European states expected to start arming rebels

London: Some European countries are expected to break with Washington and start supplying the Syrian rebels with weapons in the next few months, the representative of the Syrian opposition in Britain has told the Guardian.
The National Coalition’s London representative, Walid Saffour, predicted that by the next meeting of the western and Arab Friends of Syria group in Turkey, which is due to take place in late spring or early summer, “there will be a breakthrough that will end the restrictions of the European countries”.

Planeloads of Croatian Combat Weapons for Syria Al Qaeda Rebels

Croatian Prime Minister Zoran Milanovic announced that his country will withdraw its troops from the United Nations Disengagement Observer Force, which separates between the Israeli and Syrian armies in the Golan Heights. He denies that this is the result of Croatia selling weapons to anti government fighters in Syria.

Scott Creighton – Another Massacre Reported in Syria by “Activists” as Friends of Syria Conference Pushes for More Violence from Terrorists

It always seems these massacres happen just at the right time for the “opposition” to use them to garner public support for their regime change agenda. What a coincidence, huh?
Vichy “news’ organizations like the Huffington Post and the AFP are claiming there has been yet another massacre carried out by the Assad government just outside Allepo. Of course, all of the reported “facts” in this story come straight from “activists” and others directly involved in a terrorist campaign to unseat the legitimate government of Syria so they can replace them with U.S. sponsored technocrats and dictators.

Oddly, no one else seems to be picking up this story, including SANA News agency (from Syria), Ria Novosti , RT or Press TV or anyone else for that matter.
It’s almost “as if” the activists who are dead set on forcing regime change just made it up out of thin air because it serves their purposes at this time to further demonize the Assad government.
Remains to be seen whether they did that or whether they ran around and killed a bunch of people like they did several times before so they could try to blame it on Assad.
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